Day In The Office: Part 34 – Buzz Lightyear to the rescue

For those of you who are signed up to our e-mail newsletters, a special gift dropped down your hypothetical world wide web chimney this week in the form of a group office photo. I think the centre of attention was drawn to young Dan sporting a rather tight Buzz Lightyear costume, so for part of this weeks day in the office I’m going to try my best to explain what the hell that was all about!

Once it was decided to do a group office Christmas photo we knew at least one of us had dress up as jolly old Saint Nic, it just wouldn’t be right without it now would it?! Well, you have probably guessed it but of course Young Dan was chosen for this task, so Al set off in search of the outfit only to return with something a ‘little’ different to what we were expecting. A Child’s Buzz Lightyear costume, claiming that a major supermarket chain didn’t have a Santa costume! Anyway, we hid the costume inside a box and here we find Dan in the midst of finding out his fate much to his obvious disappointment…

With the first few attempts of trying to get Dan into the costume being quite gentle, we soon realised it wasn’t going to work without some force.

Time for Phil to step up to the plate…

Once taken to affinity and beyond Dan decided to visit the lads next door at Dyno Torque to see if they needed any assistance, rather unsurprisingly they didn’t require any.

Anyway, back to the ‘norm’. Winter is a quiet time for most of the Driftworks fleet of cars, such as Phil’s Nissan President lowrider for example being left with the trickle charger plugged in like a life support machine awaiting for the sunshine once again to be popped and rolled on 3’s. Still hands down one of my personal favourite cars here at DWHQ.

Another of my favourites is another of Phil’s toys, this time being his nearly finished 20v AE86. Providing a corolla fan like myself some serious automotive eye candy on a day to day basis. I’m looking forward to the day myself and Phil are ripping in both of our longstanding 86 projects!

We did have a rather interesting visitor this week too in the form of a Nissan Rasheen, or the Deidre Rasheed as we call it. You may recognise this car as being Mr MEI NO MAI, Mitto’s daily hack for a while.

Such a peculiar car to behold, but myself and Dan were loving it by the end of the day. Any car that has a description of “4WD with the feeling of nature and the sense of urban, having a wide range of activities as daily space” printed onto the spare wheel cover must mean business right?!

Well there we have it for this weeks Day in the office post, thanks for reading!

Brother Bam

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Phil Morrison
Phil Morrison
9 years ago

Haha 😀 Good times!

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