Day In The Office: Part 35 – Mince Pies, Pizza & Burnouts

Here we have part 35 and the final Driftworks day in the office post for 2011. What a week! It’s been a fine mix of being super busy on the run up to the Christmas break ensuring everything runs perfectly whilst we are away from the office, to sitting back with a beer and a few mince pies.
The week kicked off with a couple of visits from a few of our good friends. First of all we had Mr John Marcar join us for a couple of days, so I quickly grabbed a photo of his E36 sitting nicely on a set of HSD coilovers. I really like John’s E36 and it’s a machine at Track days!

Mr Mitto also joined us for Al to shoot some additional interview footage for the up and coming Outsiders film. I hung around for a little while to heckle him of course 😀 One camera just isn’t enough to have pointed at you is it brother?!

As you can see in the background, Mitto also brought along his Silvia S15. I’ve got a real soft spot for this car after seeing it not long after it entered the country and into Mitto’ Possession. I’m particularly a fan of the array of super cool Japanese stickers adorning his drivers seat, something I hadn’t noticed before!

Another visitor was our Belgian buddy and yet another Outsiders star, Pieter Gouwy. Here we have Dan ‘sneaking’ up on him, needless to say Dan isn’t really the type to get away with ‘sneaking’ up on someone! Shortly after this photo he received a quick jab to the ‘mummy/daddy button’ from Gouwy!

Speaking of Dan, it’s been quite a tough week for him. First of all he realised he’d put odd socks on…

He got stuck on the roof of the DW van whilst painting…

Then we made him wear a Red Devil ‘Onesie’ for most of the day Thursday…

It’s a tough life, that of a Driftworks general assistant. But someone has to do it.

Being the final week before we locked down for the Christmas period we decided to celebrate the festivities with a few beers, Pizza (A very festive feast do you not think?) Mince Pies and Burnouts.

Beverage wise obviously I had to keep up the guise of the textbook logistics creature, I had to go for the Hobgoblin…

Whilst the two Driftworks company directors, Phil & James had to opt for the ‘Directors’ ale. Rather fitting I figured…

Dan celebrated with a burnout (still dressed in his onesie) which didn’t go too well by overheating just a tad and bursting his E39’s radiator. Phil feared the worst appearing with a fire extinguisher…

It wasn’t all bad though and Dan managed to drive his car home tonight. So totally worth it in the end brother eh?!

Well there we have it, another year over and done with. Thanks for reading the day in the office posts and I hope you have enjoyed the antics I have been bringing you over the past few months. As ever, there are some exciting things happening for us at Driftworks in the new year but until then I bid you farewell!

Merry Christmas & a happy new year!

Brother Bam.

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9 Responses to Day In The Office: Part 35 – Mince Pies, Pizza & Burnouts

  1. I really like these day in the office updates 😀 looks like dan is the one that always has to do something stupid haha

    • Thanks Adam, glad you like them! And yes, Dan has to live up to his role as General Assistant and generally Assist Phil’s jokes on him!

  2. Haha yes these are great! I’m new to the site but I’ve read a few of them. I like them!

  3. haha this was a goodun dude that office looks like so much fun!

    merry xmas driftworks! 😀

  4. Why fat child wear tight red? this is normal in your country?

  5. i would like to say merry christmas and a happy new year to driftworks and thank an absolute mill for the fast shipping on the stickers and stuff i ordered before christmas (couldn’t believe how fst they were!!!). there gonna be a good gift!

  6. Holy f*ck i’m on the blog!! 🙂

    Merry Christmas everyone!!

  7. I love these day in the office articles, you have managed to fit in our stickers on the past couple of posts!

    Hope you had an awesome Christmas and New Year guys and I hope you got the sparkle sticker I posted down!

    Here is to 2012!

  8. Boys your slacking on new year office updates!!!…where are they?

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