0% Finance now available in the Driftworks shop!

After years of being asked for it, we’ve only gone and teamed up with Pay4Later to enable you to buy our products via finance!

All you need to get started is to pay a deposit (10% to 50%, your choice) It’s all mega easy. You can see exactly what the payments will be and applying and approval is all online and pretty much instant!
All orders over ¬£300 qualify for 19.5% classic finance options over 12, 24 and 36 months. AND we’ve got 0% finance available on HSDs, CS2s, Geomaster and Nardi/Personal products along with all of our merchandise!
You can even pay off your finance early without any penalties at all, so if you bought HSDs on 0% finance over a year and wanted to pay it off sooner it will still only cost you the same price as if you were paying for them on a debit card! Obviously if you choose the 19.5% classic finance option you will have some interest to pay on top of the purchase price too, but it’s calculated for you in a settlement figure which also contains no penalties.

At the moment, finance options are only available to UK customers and your order must be delivered to the same address as your finance application.

Feel free to have a look at our finance page here on our shop РDriftworks  Shop

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9 years ago

Hi, just wandering if i can still get 0% finiance from australia ??


9 years ago

Sorry i just read the bit where it says only in UK lol

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