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If there’s one way of getting a sense of just how big drifting has become over the years, it’s through the rise of remote control drifting.

What started out as simple replica car kits from companies like Yokomo, has exploded into a huge new world of customization. These days there is about as many aftermarket parts for RC drift cars as there is the drift car that’s sitting in your driveway or garage right now.

From wheels, suspension, steering knuckles, bodykits, motors, electronics, you can change it all to make it truly your own creation.

Japan is home to many RC drifting specific tracks like this little one outside Super Autobacs in Nagoya. A few of the tuning shops we visited like BEE-R and Kids Heart had them inside or outside too.

Of course there’s the drifting itself, which once you get the hang of it is almost slightly too much fun. From what we saw out in Japan, the standard over there (much like in full 1:1 scale) is damn high!

This group of guys weren’t even the best that we saw on the tour, but they were still managing to pull off insane runs with their cars right on each others doors!

And right on the wall too.

RC drifting isn’t exclusive to Japan though, much like full scale drifting it’s popped up all over the world and there’s now even championships which you can compete in. After seeing how much fun it can be, Phil and the other guys have since bought or are in the process of buying their own RC kits. Mitto’s been building his over the past few weeks!

I know money is tight for a lot of people at the moment and maybe your drift car is off the road or being worked on currently, so if you’re desperate for a drifting fix RC drifting is a great way of getting one!

– Daniel Bridle

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8 thoughts on “Outsiders – Little Drifters

  1. Awesome!!!! Love seeing RC dori on DW! It really is an amazing hobby with SOOO much more to offer than just Remote controlled donuts.

    Massive thanks to you guys! Keep it coming 😀

  2. I bought a generic 4WD honda nsx off a mate a year or two ago, wrapped the wheels in duck tape and it was great fun! Anybody got any good sites to pick up some body shells? quite fancy a s13 or 14 or bmw e36…

    1. try genkidoridori.com or rc-race-and-drift-japan.com, both are japanese but have a huge amount of drift items including sil80, s13, s14, s14a and s15 shells and even Uras kits. They also send to other countires 🙂

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