Day In The Office: Part 36 – A return to the ‘norm’

It’s been a while since my last instalment of the ‘day in the office’ post, but there is one reason behind that. Driftworks HQ has been one seriously busy hive of activity since returning after the Christmas & New Year break. A combination of huge numbers of orders to process, TV shows being filmed on top of all the usual general mayhem occurring it’s been difficult to find the time to keep you guys updated with our happenings!

But alas, let’s kick things off with what’s been happening in my world, most notably the completion of my long term/tiny budget AE86 Project. After the offer came from Phil to get the car up to HQ to utilize the haven of ramps and overhead cover away from the wind and rain I set to work on finishing off all the little jobs that were stopping the project reaching that final stage.

I’m sure many of you will sympathize with me when I say it can be difficult to find the energy or enthusiasm to finish a project, especially when on a strained budget. But the offer of help from a bunch of your friends can soon solve that issue and a week later I had a car that is now sat at HQ ready to go for an MOT. The real reason I think Brother Phil was so keen to get my car up and finished was due to his own AE86 Project nearing completion, and what’s better than one ripping corolla? Two ripping corollas!

In fact, make that three, as DW Sales manager Jay recently chopped in his awesome 328i touring for a pretty savage twinner, meaning we have created a Hachi Roku Mitzvah recently! Tyseley industrial estate is alive with the sound of 4AGE braps 😀

Whilst we are on the subject of corollas, our good Belgian buddy Pieter Gouwy dropped by accompanied by his friend & his AE86 Trueno. A fantastic bare shell upwards project which was here having the final touch added on by the guys next door at Dyno Torque with a custom made exhaust, which meant the car left us with a stunning N2 car rasp. Very Jealous!

In case you were wondering what the first photo in this post was all about, well in the words of Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction, allow me to retort. Since the new year break the ‘normal’ Driftworks office routine resumed and by ‘normal routine’ I mean by taping and strapex’ing Dan ’Rolfy’ Wright into a box and generally causing him discomfort.

Rolled on the floor. Drawn on.

It made for THE funniest CCTV footage we’ve even seen. Hopefully the file can be saved to share with you guys!

One change this new year you may have noticed over on our forum was the new RC drifting section and the sudden influx of interest within the Driftworks community since the Outsiders filming in Japan. Well Phil has almost completed his own RC drift car and was busy this week giving it a quick test in the workshop before fitting the shell.

Talking of the Outsider Japan trip, Mel is still fighting the onslaught of Japanese receipts which have seem to have flooded her desk with a sea of strange symbols. Keep fighting Mel, you can do ittttt! Who’s looking forward the the film release? We’re all pumped!

I leave you with this silhouette of young Dan fitting yet another drive shaft to his E39, an item that he snaps and replaces more regular than his own underwear. On that note, see you next time folks!

Brother Bam.

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11 years ago

Good memories brother.

sue evans
sue evans
11 years ago

Please make Bebe (aka Rolfy) convert his car back to ‘normal’ please. Love from Rolfy’s mum x

Daniel Tapia
Daniel Tapia
11 years ago

Now I know how you guys wrap items up for shipping, when I ordered my Driftworks Suzuka seat it was taped to hell and was an adventure to just get it out of the box haha. Keep up the good work!

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