Outsiders – Lady In Red – MCR Factory C33 Laurel

During our stay in the incredible city of Nagoya we made a stop at the Kids Heart workshop, which is where I first laid eyes on Yukie Hayashi’s C33 Nissan Laurel.

I’ve always had a little soft spot for Laurels, so this being my first sighting of a C33 in Japan I couldn’t resist taking a quick look around. Obviously the car had seen better days but I still think it looked pretty cool in a beat up sorta way. I love (what’s left of) the aggressive full D-MAX Type I aero and R33 GTR wheels.

Much to my suprise I discovered a moment later that the owner of this abused looking Laurel was actually a girl! There’s definitely something cooler about a well dressed woman in a pair of heels climbing into a battered 4-door drift car and speeding off up the highway than what I’m used to seeing – Phil Morrison in a pair of heels wouldn’t have quite the same effect.

I’ve noticed a lot of competition cars in Japan run a reverse rake set up these days. You could really see it as the car squatted down under acceleration.

We later ran into Yukie down at MCR Factory where the car gets most of it’s work done. It turns out Yukie has a lot of competition experience having competed in The Drift Muscle and D1 Ladies League Venus Challenge. The car has full CST coilovers and MCR Factory steering knuckles for lots of lock. Engine wise it runs an RB25DET with a HKS GT2540 turbo, pushing out 350PS.

350 isn’t a huge amount, but it’s enough for Yukie to drive hard as hell. As you can tell by the damage on her car she’s not afraid to use it in anger.

Which she was keen to point out.

After a little bit of time on the internet it looks like the cars back together in one piece and looking better than ever. Here’s Yukie doing what she does best!

– Daniel Bridle

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9 years ago

I think im in love.
Its cool to see a good looking lady driving her laurel that hard.

9 years ago

exactly what i was gonna say 🙂

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