Driftworks Presents: Formula Drift Q&A with Daijiro Yoshihara and Fredric Aasbø

Okay Driftworks fans, we want your help with this new segment! Later this week at Formula Drift Long Beach I’ll be meeting with Dai Yoshihara and Fredric Aasbø to pick their brains with the questions that YOU ask! That’s right, we’re giving you the opportunity to ask your favorite Formula Drift drivers anything you’d like.

Given each events circumstance, I’m going to try and run this same segment as part of my FD coverage from each event that I attend (meeting with different drivers at each event).


Please leave your questions in the comments section below with the following format:


Driver: (Yoshihara/Aasbø)


Which driver you’d like to hear from at the next Formula Drift event:


Note: We will be screening questions due to the limited amount of time I’ll have with each driver. I’ll try to get as many questions in but may not get to everyone’s submission.


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18 Responses to Driftworks Presents: Formula Drift Q&A with Daijiro Yoshihara and Fredric Aasbø

  1. Name: Chris Young
    Driver: Yoshihara
    Question: Can I get a shout out to your biggest fan from Hawaii?

  2. Hi guys!

    I’m about to get my first good drift car this year and gona try to make it to some of the swedish competitions. And my question is, how am i supposed to set my Toe-in/-out?

    Good luck and thx from Daniel!

  3. Name: Conny

    Driver: Yoshihara or Aasbø

    Question: Will ya guys come back to Ireland at some stage? 🙂 If yes, can I get a passenger ride or some tipps how to improve my drifting? 😀

    Best regards from Ireland! 🙂

  4. Name:

    Driver: Yoshihara

    Question: Have there been any increase in power and what is your main strategy for the new season? (to be faster/more angle/more consistency or just balls out drifting)?

    Which driver you’d like to hear from at the next Formula Drift event: Matt Powers

  5. Driver: Dai
    Question: Do you prefer running the ls v8 engine as opposed to a japanese turbo engine with the same power output such as an sr20 or 2jz and why?
    P.s would love a signed photo :p

  6. Driver: dai
    How is it to drive a car with decals that doesn’t have the word tyres spelled properly? Thx

  7. Name: Ash Burrows

    Driver: (Aasbø)

    Question: Ask him how he keeps his feet planted so firmly on the ground and manages to maintain his good lad status with all the international attention and acclaim he receives.

  8. Name: Henri Mckenzie (Mr Afro)

    Driver: Dai

    Are you intimidated by Daigo Saito’s +1200hp 430sc (or even what are your plans to try and defeat it)

  9. Both Drivers

    If Formula D adds an 8th round where would you want it to be?

  10. Both Drivers

    Do you think Formula D should start a sub class like D1SL?

  11. Both Drivers

    Do you think Formula D should limit the number of tires a competitor can use at each event?

  12. Name: Ben Hansen (Australia)

    Both Drivers…

    Do you feel that drifting as a competition, is growing to become something that not the average person can afford or do, as the sport its self is becoming more and more competitive and there for more becoming more and more costly?

  13. Name: Ian Mackrill

    Driver: Yoshihara or Aasbø

    Question: On the arrival of Daigo Saito’s 1200hp SC430, do you think FD should put some kind of restriction on power output or do they think its good (or even fair) for FD to have cars with such different power outputs competing against one another?

  14. Good stuff so far guys!

  15. name: rory macdonald

    driver: dai

    question: will your prototype wheels ever be released?

    next drivers: saito, powers, wilkerson, tuerck, essa, angelo.

  16. Name: Diego Florez

    Driver: Yoshihara or Aasbo

    Question: Would you guys be intimidated if more top drivers from D1GP come to the states to participate in Formula D like Saito?

    Which driver you’d like to hear from at the next Formula Drift event: Matt Powers or Vaughn Gittin jr

  17. Name: Diego

    Driver: AASBO!

    question: Do you think that because Daigo Saito is running a +1000hp car using a 2jz engine will change the views on using V8’s for drifting?

  18. Name: Alan

    Driver: Dai

    Question: Dai, Man, How do you keep your hair so slick and pointy all the time even after a blazing run wearing your Helmet!? Huh???

    Please ask this, he will laugh. 🙂

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