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Driftworks Geomaster Knuckles Degrees Lock

Since we first brought the Geomaster Hub Knuckles to the market we’ve always had people asking us: “How much lock do they give in degrees?”. The answer to this question could very easily be dishonest, as we could measure the car with all suspension set to give absolute maximum lock, regardless of how the car would handle with such a setup. It could go over centre massively, it could have ridiculous alignments that would make the car handle like shit, but doing all that would be okay as long as it gave the highest number to print in our marketing right?. Well this is not how Driftworks works, so our answer has always been: “We don’t give a number of degree’s as it depends on many factors, but simply put :more lock than you will ever need”.

The recent influx of companies manufacturing front hubs, and the numbers being banded around have meant that our customers are asking this question even more often, and in certain cases when they don’t understand the importance of the other benefits Geomasters bring to the table, they may buy a product based purely off a number. So I decided to quickly measure the lock on our S15. I put the steering exactly straight, used a solid straight bar against the wheel to draw a line, then wound the steering to full lock and drew another line, then exactly measured with an angle gauge.

This is a car that’s sat since the end of last season, it uses all off the shelf Driftworks suspension parts, none of it is specially modified. It still uses anti roll bars. It’s alignment is perfect for driving, not just for maximum angle. It runs 10″ wide low offset front wheels with proper tyres, not wank 7″ wheels under grotesque arches. It’s bumpstops on the lower arm’s haven’t yet been adjusted to give absolute maximum lock. It’s sat on the floor at the exact ride height it always runs, which is low, not jacked up to help clear the aforementioned arches on full lock.
I’m certain we could get more angle if we set out with that as our sole goal, and despite all of that, Geomaster Knuckles make 66degrees steering lock… So like we’ve always said. “More lock than you will ever need” 🙂

And that’s not forgetting the other advantages of Geomasters. . I recently drove a car in Japan that had very extreme lock with modified hubs. However when on full lock piling towards the tyre wall, the steering would go over centre so hard, that it took every last bit of strength with both hands on one side of the wheel to pull it back and avoid crashing out – Geomasters do not do this, you steer lock to lock, you don’t fight it.
Roll centre correction is also often massively overlooked – It’s probably just as advantageous as the extra lock Geomasters give you, as it gives you control and stability at high speeds to enter aggressively with confidence.  The rear Geomasters give traction, and hugely improve dynamic alignment changes which again give much more stability and confidence.

So there you have it Driftworks Geomasters are a full package that offer so much more than just insane angle, but if numbers are what really matters to you, we get 66 degrees without even trying.



13 thoughts on “Geomaster 2 Maximum Lock In Degrees

  1. AL: nothing V2 is just adjusted rear knuckles.
    But the new thing is the paint on the knuckles in grey to be even more durable, but that has nothing todo with it being V2, since I have the old color on my V2 Hubs

  2. Found you needed collars to go over the un threaded section of the drum brake mount to make the conversions work on my rear set this wasn’t advised when I purchased them. Will you provide them in future?

  3. hi, i was thinking about ordering these for my s14, i live in the usa. how quickly would i receive them if say i ordered tomorrow? thanks.

  4. Deffo need something like this for 86`s, I`m not saying I need 66 degrees of lock, but if you have a stock 86 front suspension layout minus coilovers, if you make and provide full kit (I.e no need to go around and buy Ueo style this, T3 that to make it fit YOUR kit) around 50 deg would be so porn!

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