LOWBRAIN — Rub The Earth

With the rise of social media thanks to the likes of Facebook and thousands of car blogs it’s now easier than ever to find out what’s going on in drifting all over the world. I remember when trying to find photos of drift teams and cars out in Japan took a lot of  effort searching around the internet for a glimpse of something cool. But times are changing and now there seems to be a new generation of teams and drivers from Japan wanting to connect with the rest of the drifting world and show off what they’re up to. A good example of this is a team I stumbled upon through one of my friends likes on Facebook – LOWBRAIN.

Not to be confused with the UK team Low-Brain Drifters, LOWBRAIN is a group of friends based in the Kanagawa prefecture in Japan. Their motto is “Rub The Earth” and judging by their car style it fits pretty well.

Takuya’s C34 Laurel is possibly the sickest looking C34 I’ve ever seen and is a shining example of how just a set of wheels and a huge drop to the floor can transform a car. The drop is courtesy of a set of BLADE coilovers, and whole host of 326POWER and 501works suspension parts.

Under the bonnet sits an RB25DET NEO engine with a HKS GT2535 turbo producing more than enough power for some earth rubbing drifting.

The wheels are a beautiful set of Work VS-KFs in 17×9.5j up front and 17x10j at the rear.

Despite the super low ride height and big wheels, Takuya still drives the car hard. Here’s a little bit of video footage of him at Nikko Circuit!

Another car from LOWBRAIN is Abeshi’s clean and simple Zenki S14 Silvia. These guys really like using OEM styling and I don’t blame them; Nissan got it right from the factory with the Navan aero kit. Abeshi’s added a few aftermarket touches like the Origin roof wing, D-MAX rear spoiler, carbon bonnet, and a set of overfenders.

The S14s perfect amount of wheel tuck is helped by 326POWER coilovers. The tucked wheels in question are a set of 18×9.5j Work Emotion CR Kai and up front is a set of 17x9j Work Emotion XC8.

The engine is a pumped up SR20DET with a cool Tomei Arms M7960 turbo, Tomei camshafts, Trust Greddy E-Manage ECU, and an interesting R35 GTR airflow sensor adapter that LOWBRAIN themselves produce.

And finally here’s a video of Abeshi rocking out!

You can follow more of LOWBRAIN’s antics on their Facebook page or over on their blog.

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11 years ago

LUSH! im amazed how theyve managed to keep the cars so clean!

11 years ago

Actually, Taku’s Wheel is 17inch 🙂 he is proud of low! (≧ω≦)b

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