BDC – Countdown to Norfolk – Round 2

Not long now until Round 2 of the Maxxis British Drift Championship begins at the Norfolk Arena. It’s a hotly anticipated event! More so after the intense start to the season at Teesside Autodrome, everyone is looking for more of the same; 2012 is definitely the boom year for UK drifting!

Standards are higher than ever with car preparation, team appearance and as such sponsors are taking it seriously. It’s enjoying a much deserved growth-spurt and is well on the way to becoming a mainstream motorsport. People who up until recently had no idea what drifting is, are tuning-in and becoming hooked, it is placing the foundations for a rosy future.

The addictive nature of both being a competitor and spectator means that everyone is now counting down the days and minutes until the start of Round 2 on the 1st and 2nd of June.

Once again each class in the BDC is filled to capacity and competition is fierce, one mistake and you will be going home! This makes for some seriously close, technical twinning.

Norfolk offers a unique twist to the event calendar because it runs into the night, further adding to the challenges for the drivers and adding to the atmosphere for keen spectators. It also takes an edge off the normal behind the scenes tension, because if a mishap happens to unexpectedly change the schedule, things can calmly run on for as long as is necessary.  No pressure, just drifting!

With less than a week before Round 2 begins in Norfolk, it’s time to get organised and head over to Kings Lynn. For the full event schedule or purchasing advance tickets  check out or join the British Drift Championship Facebook group-

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Phil Morrison
Phil Morrison
11 years ago

Gutted I’m going to miss this. I’ve never made it to Norfolk. Good luck everyone 🙂

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