Ebisu Circuit Spring Drift Matsuri 2012

If there was a list of things you should do as a drifter I’d say the drift matsuri at Ebisu Circuit was pretty high up on the list. It’s now easier than ever to go out to Japan, buy a cheap car, and drive it to within an inch of it’s life at Ebisu!

Here’s a pretty cool video from this years shot entirely on Go Pro cameras.

4 thoughts on “Ebisu Circuit Spring Drift Matsuri 2012

  1. just a bunch of morons driving way past there abilities and smashing the cars up for the sake of it. as chris said, its retarded and a waste of cars that someone with some actual tallant could be using properly.

  2. Impressive video, but calamitous image for drifting and drifters ! Exactly what the mass medias are waiting for discredit a new sport (they do it for all non politically correct activity). And worst : this kind of behavior “so fun to destroy cars” could cause accidents and interdictions.

    Never give weapons to freedom enemies….

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