A Day In The Office… of Chizfab

I recently took a trip up to Chizfab for a welded diff – Kyle was kind enough to let us stay around whilst the drive in-drive out service was carried out and allowed me to take a took at and photograph literally everything (well, except some amazing work on a Capri), it was also pretty interesting to hear his opinion on drifting and it’s expansion from when he started to how it is now.

Anyone involved with the UK Drift Scene(particularly north of the border) in the last few years will have heard of Chizfab, it’s a Scottish fabrication company specialising in motorsport fabrication, run by Kyle and more recently, Jeek, who setup shop next door to Chizfab to start D-Tune BMW dismantlers.

For those who haven’t heard of Chizfab before, both Kyle and Jeek run BMWs – Jeek’s 540i has over the last few years gained huge amounts of attention due to being so different in a sea of S-Bodies, R-Bodies and big Toyotas. Kyle in recent times has used an E36 M3 to compete, but with an unusual twist;

Underneath the roof of the ‘vert hides a fully custom Chizfab rollcage, obviously made to competition standards for use in BDC.

After a trip around Kyle and Jeek’s cars, i took a look at the projects currently sitting at Chizfab HQ, ranging from what will essentially be a restored then drift prepared Ford Capri to a VW Corrado in for some exhaust work.

Unlike Nissan and Toyota cars, BMW owners generally don’t have the option of calling Driftworks for some adjustable Geometry arms. I know both Kyle and Jeek have experimented with adjustable arms with varying degrees of success, hopefully sometime soon we’ll see mass manufactured adjustable arms for BMW platforms in the way we do for Nissans.


No doubt you’ll see more of Kyle, Jeek and the rest of Chizfab 7eam at BDC/NDC and Casual Drift Days throughout the year, i’ve included more images at the bottom of the post for you to look at and see more of Chizfab’s work – Too many images that i couldn’t fit in the main feature!

Thanks to Kyle/Jeek and Thacko for the drifting shots.

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11 years ago

it’s good to see them get more exposure! i properly love their 5 series 😛 sounds immense too!

6 years ago

Hi, I have a bmw e36 cabrio. I would like to make a roll-bar, I would like to see in detail what your bmw e36 cabrio in the picture, to get an idea, after you can tell me which chassis reinforcement works you did? Could you have more photos? And information on the chassis reinforcement work you did? Also to my personal e-mail? Thanks so much.

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