BDC Norfolk – Round 2 Report

Due to other commitments Driftworks were unable to attend Round 2 of the Maxxis British Drift Championship at the Norfolk Arena, but help was at hand and we sent in a cunning spy in to capture the event for us. The build up seemed to have ramped up a notch and three little letters seemed to be on everyone’s lips- B.D.C.

After a blinding start to the season at Teesside and the sudden interest of television companies, there was a huge expectation hanging over Norfolk; could it deliver more of the same? When it came to the crunch the atmosphere and quality of driving took it to the next level, surpassing all expectation and even delivering some shocks and surprises that nobody could have predicted!

Day 1 of the event started on Friday 1st June, we took some time out to patrol the pits and capture the teams setting up their base camps and making vital checks.

Once the drivers had set up, they headed over to race control to sign in and be briefed by the officials.

With all the paperwork signed and the briefings dealt with, the drivers were set loose to put in some valuable practice laps out on the tight and technical Norfolk Arena track.

The busy practice sessions were soon over and it was time for drivers to prove their worth with those crucial qualifying sessions. Drivers get just three chances to shine, if they don’t do enough, they’ll be going home!

The qualifying was as close as it gets with many drivers in all of the groups finding they they were within a point or two of each other, it really was tight out there. The standards are high and fiercely competitive. Some were bitterly disappointed to miss out by just a point or two, but that’s competition drifting for you.

Once each group had ran through the qualification process, the BDC staff read out results to the group, along with a side order of banter. This finished day one off and it was game on now for day two!

Day 2 Saturday morning starts at a more relaxed pace, with Norfolk having no time constraints and the option to run late if required, it makes for a nice and casual vibe around the pits. We bumped into one or two characters and unusual things.

Drivers were recalled again for a final briefing from the judges and officials in readiness for the twin sessions.

Time for more practice sessions and a whole bunch of sideways flame throwers were in full swing! Feel the heat!

When practice came to a close, the commentators got on the PA system and invited the keen spectators onto the track to meet the teams and drivers, wishing them luck, asking about specs and modifications and getting some autographs.

It really was heaving out there, the meet and greet sessions are hugely popular and keeps things grounded and on a level, the Maxxis British Drift Championship goes to great efforts to keep the championship about, fun, drivers and giving the spectators a good day.

Soon enough, the commentators asked everyone to leave the track and return to the grandstands to that the finals could get under-way.

The finals began, starting with Semi Pro working upwards to Super Pro. The Semi Pro and Pro drivers certainly gave some of the seasoned Super Pro’s to think about as the standard of driving was on another level, with some of the closest twinning we’ve witnessed. So close in fact, there were a couple of duels that had minor contact, thankfully no serious damage was done and the audience went wild for it!

In all classes there were twin battles that the judges couldn’t separate without calling for OMT (One More Time), it was a nerve shattering affair! Normally when doing an event report, it’s easy to hand pick a few people for special mentions, but there really was too many at Norfolk. Starting with the Semi Pro’s upwards. The growing Irish army of drivers were amazing to watch, Semi-Pro driver Gareth Taylor and his brother Owen who picked up the hard charger award, both had outstanding weekends. The Super Pro final was a complete thriller though!

Team Japspeeds Paul “Smokey” Smith was pitted against the ever consistent Steve Moore from SATS Motorsport; this was a true monster of a battle. Going through to no less than two OMT’s and then judges gave the call of “Sudden Death” before they could be parted. A real presentation of driving skill and nerve from both parties before the customary champagne was sprayed!

For the full results, points totals and information on the next round of the Maxxis British Drift Championship, get onto

Round 3 will be held at Teesside and will feature a new layout and the unmissable Team Triple Drift Event!

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