DMCC Round 2

Round 2 of the DMCC series took place at the Autodrome St-Eustache. It’s a track that fans and drivers both love with a super exciting layout that makes for some great action. Another nice thing about this event was that it was a beautiful day with gorgeous weather. After all the rain we had received for round 1 more wet conditions were the last thing anybody wanted. It was a good thing too that it was nice out since for this event the scheduling was a bit different then usual. Instead of having the event run over two days, everything was packed into one action filled day. That meant that Pro and Pro Am drivers would practice, qualify, and compete all in one day. I’m not sure how the drivers felt about it but it made it awesome for the fans as there was never any dead periods.

Marc Landreville was happy in his new signature “All Out” t-shirt.

DMCC General Manager Alex Boutin was in a good mood since he knew that with the nice weather the grand stands would be packed.

DriftMania or X Games?

Brad Carlton missed Round 1 because his car was not ready in time, but he was ready to rock at Round 2.

He almost got his trailer stuck on the edge of the pits. It took a bunch of buddies to get it out.

Last minute prep to the cars before practice.

Domique Desrosier’s mechanic really gets into his work.

Peter C showing me how its done.

With Pro and Pro Am combined it was a packed drivers meeting.

With the drivers meeting over it was time for practice!

After winning Round 11, Jeff Laflamme made it to Round 2 his new IS300. The car looked awesome but it seemed as if the team was having problems getting the suspension/chassis adjusted properly.

Mike Pollard killing it as usual!

It was good to see Jo Thiffault back out rocking his rolla.  Once Pat Cyr switches to the FRS chassis Jo will be the only Corolla left in the series.

One thing about this track is if you get the first turn wrong your almost guaranteed to go into the wall. And it did claim a few drivers.

Marc Andree Fontain was putting down some sick, smokey runs.

Here he is getting up close and personal with Claude Poirier.

Dominic Desrosier had a pretty good Round 1 with the new 350z chassis but he was not having any luck with it at this round. Hopefully they get it all sorted for round 3.

Before we knew it, it was time for qualification where Claude Poirier came in bit to hot but never stopped drifting…

On Jo’s first run it was very wrong and slammed his car hard into a tire barrier. Luckily the car was not too badly damaged and he was able to qualify on his second pass.

Now running a V8 power-plant Brad Carlton put down 2 good runs getting him the 3rd qualification spot.

2nd spot went to Marc Landreville who was producing the most smoke all event.

The #1 qualification spot went to Pat Cyr!

Before the Top 16 started there was a little track break. It was a good time to take a breath and grab a NOS energy drink before the big show!

During the Top 16 Drivers introductions we ended up having a car get knocked out of the event. Jeff Laflamme’s IS never made it to the introduction line up and had to be towed away.

First battle of the night was not really a battle as Pat Cyr received a by run.

Next up was Peter C VS Marc Andree Fontain. Peter took the win.

Claude Poirier faced off against Simon Schaffner. Simon had hit the wall earlier during the day and his car did not seem to be running too well. Poirier moved on.

With Jeff Laflamme’s car breaking right before the Top 16 Mike Pollard was also given a by run.

Jo Thiffault did an impressive  job against Marc Landreville but Marc still pulled out the win!

Tom Tom took the win against Brad Carlton. Tom Toms wheels looked wicked all lit up with LEDs.

Francis Tasse won against Bob Patinka in his crazy V8 super charged S14.

Last battle of the Top 16 was between Eric Paradis and Dany “Babu” Bernier. Babu made the podium at the last round but Eric has really been performing well this season and took the win.

First match up of the Great 8 was between two Drift Posse members Pat and Peter. Peter spun on his chase lap assuring the win to Pat.

Mike Pollard took out Claude Poirier.

Next was a battle of the S14s, Marc VS Francis. Marc Landreville moved on to the Final 4.

Tom Tom faced off against Eric Paradis. Tom Tom put it down and was awarded the win.

Into the final 4 where the action was just insane. Battle of the night was between Pat Cyr and Mike Pollard. It was so close but Pat took the win.

Marc Landreville faced Tom Tom. Its hard to see in the photo but Tom Toms hood flew open right before initiation. Marc moved on.

It was time for the battle for the 3rd spot on the podium. Tom Tom VS Mike Pollard. It was a great battle between both drivers but in the end Mike took the win!

Battle for first was between two of the best and most aggressive drivers in DMCC, Marc Landreville and Pat Cyr. It should of been the best battle of the event but sadly it ended up being a battle full of problems… After a one more time run Marc ended the event by putting his s14 into the wall.

Giving the win to Pat Cyr.

DMCC President and DMCC GM very happy with a successful event.

Final Standings of Round 2:

1st – Pat Cyr.
2nd – Marc Landreville.
3rd – Mike Pollard.

Mike Pollard also won the NOS Energy Fastest Speed Entry contest.

Special mention for the Pro Am winners:

1st – Max Lemoine in only his second event in his V8 powered Chevy S10.
2nd – Coutu.
3rd – Belanger.

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