Driver Feature – Marc Landreville at DMCC Round 1

Marc Landreville is always a driver to watch in the DMCC series. He has a super aggressive style that always makes for a good show. Marc is no stranger to the podium but after having a rough start last year due to mechanical failures this season he is aiming to take home the championship.

Arriving at the Autodrome Montmagny for the first round of the DMCC season, Marc’s team took out his S14 and unveiled its new livery for 2012.

The car looked really good. It’s always cool to see the cars all fresh at the first round before they get banged up from drift damage.

With practice about to begin the team started to prep the car.

It was time for the practice session to begin and all the drivers lined up on the grid. Luckily it was still dry out but a lot of rain was in the forecast.

Gotta love the exhaust. Running an anti-lag set up this thing sounds crazy.

Warm up run, who needs a warm up run? Marc went full bore on his first pass.

It was very humid that morning. Good thing Marc had his number one fan!

Practice was going great and Marc was putting down some crazy runs.

He was initiating with some of the highest speeds too.

Even though it was practice Marc was pushing hard in tandem.

After a few runs I did not see Marc on track anymore. So I head to the pits and found him. It wasn’t a big issue though, just a loose tranny bolt.

Back out on track mother nature decided to start with the waterworks, making track conditions very tricky.

The rain came just in time for qualifying. The rain did not seem to bother Marc at all as he qualified first. They said that if he had done that run in the dry it might of been a perfect run.

Lining up for the Top 16 drivers ceremony.

Marc with the beautiful Lisa Masse in front of the fans! So romantic with the rain.

The rain started to really pick up as the Top 16 battles were about to start. Marc’s first battle was against Simon Shafner. On Marc’s lead run he pretty much left Simon behind.

The rain did not make it easy as some part of the track were super slippery but Marc stayed with Simon and was awarded the win.

Onto the Great 8 where Marc faced off against Eric Paradis. Eric had been driving great all day. Marc had a good lead run but Eric stayed with him putting the pressure on Marc to have a good lead run.

Marc and Eric switched sides and they pull up the the start line. The start line marshal gave the signal to go and disaster struck – a screw from the throttle body loosened leaving Marc with no throttle. Since he had crossed the start line when it happened the win was given to Eric. Cutting Marc’s night short.

It was too bad that such a small issue ended the night for Marc. But the team will be back with all the bolts tight for round 2 that’s coming up in a few weeks.

Marc would like to thank all his sponsors that are helping him this season:

Lacroix Tuning
Bar Le Garage
Restaurants Les 3 Brasseurs
Moteurs National
Canada Tires
Dai Alloys
Standard Suspension
Synergie Produit De Soudure
Autodome St-Eustache
Lucky 7
R-l Auto Repair
Ora Cosmetique
Transmition Bélisle


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