Driver Feature: Marc Landreville DMCC Round 2

After mechanical issues ended Round 1 prematurely for Marc Landreville, his car and his team were back and ready for Round 2. Round 2 took place at the Autodrome ST-Eustache which is actually one of Marc’s sponsors. It is his home track and with no chance of rain it was going to be a great event.

Round 2 was special since everything (practice, qualification and competition) for both Pro and Pro Am took place in one day so his team was on site early to set everything up.

With the schedule so tight even Lacroix Tuning model Lisa Masse was helping unload the trailer.

Unloading didn’t take long and the car was pretty much ready to go – Just in time for the drivers meeting.

While Marc headed off to the drivers meeting his crew buttoned up the car for the practice session.

Marc always stays serious at the drivers meetings…

After the drivers meeting it was the Pro Am’s practice session so Marc took it easy and stayed hydrated… it was hot out!

Here he is chatting with one of his good friends and Pro Am driver Joel Coutu.

Once the Pro Am drivers practice session was over it was time for the Pro class to get on track… This made Marc happy!

Being his home track as usual Marc did not go easy for the first runs.

Even in practice Marc was having some good tandem runs with Peter C.

Every time Marc would make a run the crowd would go crazy.

He was also producing some of the most smoke all event.

Before we knew it, it was time for qualifications to start. Marc had two good runs getting him into the 2nd qualification spot.

After qualification there was a short break on track, just enough time for fans to get some autographs signed.

And pick up one of Marc’s new signature “All Out” T-shirts.

One lucky fan even got to sit in the race car!

The perks of having good sponsors…

After the break it was time to line up for the top 16 drivers introductions.

Drifting around a brand new Scion FRS just for the fun of it before the start of the top 16 battles!

Marc’s first battle was against Jonathan Thiffault. Jonathan did a really good job chasing Marc but made a few corrections in order to keep up.

On Marc’s chase run he stayed with Jonathan through out the whole track… Even shed his bumper while at it… Marc moved on.

Next match up Marc faced Francis Tasse in his monster 750HP Super Charged V8 S14.  On Marc’s lead run he was able to put a good amount of distance on Francis giving him an edge going into the chase run.

On his chase run Marc stuck to Francis like glue and sealed the deal moving him on to the final 4 battle.

Top 4 battle saw Marc face Tom Tom. Marc’s lead run was good and Tom Tom actually hit the wall behind him.

On the chase run Tom Tom’s hood flew open right before initiation… You can see it in the photo if you look hard enough! Marc was awarded the win.

Time for the battle for the top podium spot.. This should of been an epic battle as Marc was facing Pat Cyr. Marc and Pat have a long history of facing off against each other and the show these two put on is usually amazing. On the first run Marc was on Pat through out the track, he got a little too close and actually hit Pat where they both lost drift.

On Marc’s lead lap he went all out and initiated like a mad man causing Pat to spin out behind him! This made the battle go into a one more time.  They set off again and on his chase run Marc’s throttle body cable let go just like at Round 1. On his lead run he knew he had to go all out to get the win. Both drivers initiated and Marc pushed a bit to hard and slammed the outside wall and ground to a stop completely down the track.

And with that Marc got 2nd place!

The car was pretty heavily damaged but will be back for Round 3.

Even though it was not the perfect way to end the event 2nd place is still really good and a lot better then the last round.

Marc would like to thank his team and all his sponsors.

Lacroix tuning
Bar le garage
Restaurants les 3 brasseurs
Moteurs national
Canada tires
Dai alloys
Standard suspension
Synergie produit de soudure
Autodome st-eustache
Lucky 7
Vipec North America
R-l auto repair
Ora cosmetique
Transmition bélisle

Check out the official vid from Round 2 from the guys at QDM




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