DMCC RD4 Victoriaville

The 4th round of the series was held in Victoriaville Quebec. This event it special as Victoriaville does not have any racetracks instead the DMCC organizations set up shop in a snow dump that does not get used during the summer months. Everything from the track walls to the restaurants gets shipped in to set up one of the craziest drift tracks in the country. This venue is my favourite out of the whole series since its just so much fun to shoot from the high speed entry to the super tight infield section plus a jump in between for good major. The event was split between two days… First was practice and qualification for the Pro and Pro Am drivers and then on the second day it was the main event for both class’s.

 Jeff Laflamme was back after missing the last event due to car issues. He was back in a big way as he showed up with the biggest trailer in the paddocks.

Another driver to make his return was Eric Warnett, he drove a flat black super charged Mustang last year and had not had his new ride finished up until this event.

This is Eric’s new ride… An FC RX7 running surprisingly an actual rotary engine!

Practice started off with a bang. Brad Carlton goes hard into the outer wall on just his first pass…

His team was able to get the car back together but sadly it was not in the best shape and Brad ended up crashing again ending his weekend way to early.

The changes Jeff’s team made to the car seemed to have worked great as the car was looking great out on the track.

Dominic Desrosiers 350Z was also looking good out on track but have been struggling with getting this new car dialled-in.

This track was great for tandem runs… Even in practice the tandems were nice and tight!

Mike Pollard was smoking out the crowd as usual!

With a quick break before qualifications it was a great time to get a NOS energy drink… it was bloody hot out!

I was impressed with the amount of people that came out for the first day. Right before qualifications started the grandstands were packed.

Jo Thiffault was not even sure about making it out to this event as he blew his motor at the last round. All his efforts paid off as he got himself the 3rd qualification spot.

Dave Briggs was on a mission! He locked down the #2 spot.

#1 spot went to Mike Pollard who demonstrates another reason why I love this track… air time!

It was shocking to see points leader Pat Cyr fail to qualify for this event.

The on track action was over for the day but the action was not over… For this event we were treated to a drift car parade through the streets of Victoriaville… A lot of the locals were to confused!

One of the main streets was shut down for a little autograph session with the drivers and the cars..

This is why drift cars should not park on public streets…

The next day after a few practice sessions it was time for the Top 16 battles to start… With the grandstands completely full, both the top 16 Pro and Pro Am line up on track… it sure made for a lot of cars out on track.

The first battle set Mike Pollard against Eric Warnet. The battle ended up going to a OMT where Pollard took the win… Once Eric gets his RX7 dialled in he will be one to watch.

Next up was Marc Landreville VS Eric Paradis. Eric has really stepped up his game but Marc’s tandem skills got him the win.

Jeff Laflamme took on Tom Tom… Even thoough it was Tom Tom’s birthday Jeff was not going to give him any presents and got the win.

Francis Tasse took the win over Claude Poirier. Both these drivers have been super impressive this year.

Pro Rookie Alex Gosselin took on Dave Briggs… It was a good effort but Dave’s experience got the win…

Another rookie to the Pro Ranks is Alex Michaud – he got the win over Peter C who was having clutch issues.

Jo Thiffault took out Marc Andree Fontaine to move onto the great 8.

Dany Bernier was looking great all weekend in his G35 but a bobble cost him the win against Simon Schaffner.

Onto the great 8! It was an epic battle of two aggressive drivers Mike Pollard VS Marc Landreville. Marc moved on.

Francis Tasse then took out Jeff Laflamme!

I’ve been really impressed with Alex Michaud’s aggression in tandem runs but Dave Briggs was able to seal the deal and move on to the final 4.

Jo Thiffault stuck to Simon and got the win!

Final 4! Marc and Francis have faced off before but this time Francis was out on a mission and took the win.

Dave Briggs was awarded the win against Jo… Dave would now face Francis for 1st and Jo would face Marc for 3rd.

It was a tight battle but on Marc’s lead run he over rotated right in front of Jo… Jo had no place to go.

Jo was ecstatic! His first DMCC Podium.

Before the final battle I scooped out my fellow photog Antoine taking notes… I should probably start doing that… or just take his!

It was a battle of the blue S14’s… Super impressed with Francis Tasse… The battle went to a one more time because it was so close.

And Dave got the win!

Final Standings: Dave Briggs, Francis Tasse, Jo Thiffault.

Dave Briggs also won the NOS Fastest Entry Contest.

It was a crazy event! With Marc Landrevilles 4th place finish he is now leading the points race for the Championship so the end of the season is going to be action packed. For more info about the series check out


Jeremy Glover

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