DMCC Round 3 – Happy Canada Day!

The 3rd round of the DMCC series took place at the Canadian Tire Motorsports park that is just outside Toronto. It was a super nice day for this one day event and it took place on Canada Day! The track itself was a very tight and technical one, which made things very interesting.

Formula D Rookie Dave Briggs made it out to this event with his new/old S14 that was pretty much built in a week before the event.

You know you day doesn’t start off to well when your car gets stuck coming off the trailer.

Fellow Nikon photographer Antoine’s sick Z…

Some enthusiastic fans got to the track really early and ready to go!

During the drivers meeting, judge Marco Santos explains that him and the other judges want tight tandem – no exceptions.

So right off the bat Mike Pollard did exactly what the judges wanted. He did it a little too well when on another run the car he was chasing spun leaving Mike no where to go and ran into the other car, destroying Mike’s steering rack in the process.

Round 3 was also a little different since the ProAm drivers were invited out to compete along the pros. Here we have ProAm Alex Michaud leading Marc Lendreville.

This track did not really have any walls to be hit but going off into the grass was almost as bad because the drop off over the rumble strips was so rough. It ended up being the cause of a lot of broken suspension parts and wheels!

Going off would also give the spectators a nice dust bath.

Before qualifiying there was a track break which gave the teams time to fix up their cars a bit. A DMCC fan actually donated his steering rack so Mike Pollard could get the car back out to qualify.

NOS Energy – helping things go faster.

Mike’s team weren’t the only ones trying to fix cars before qualifying.

Francis Tasse sad about loosing a wheel; this track really is rough on cars.

After the quick break we shot right into qualifiying.

Francis Tasse might not have been able to use all of his 750hp on this track, but he was driving great and locked down the 3rd qualifying spot.

Local hero Pat Cyr put down a solid run and got him the 2nd place spot.

And first place qualifying spot went to Marc Landreville who put down some crazy runs.

With the grandstands packed there was no time wasted and we went straight into the Top 16 battles.

The first battle was between Marc and Simon Shaffner. Simon did a great chase job but on his lead run he came in too hot on clip #2 and went off the track giving the win to Marc.

Next up Brad Carlton took out Tom Tom.

Alex Michaud was on fire all day driving very aggressively. He moved on to the Great 8 over Claude Poirier.

Bob Patinka and Pat Cyr both won their battles moving them on to the Great 8.

This was an epic battle between Dave Briggs and Peter C. Both drivers having good runs caused the battle to go into 2 “One More Times”.

On the second run of the OMTs Peter spun infront of Dave and contact was made. Dave’s car suffered a broken tie rod so a 5 minute rule was called before Dave’s lead run could take place.

After getting the car fixed Dave and Peter went back out. Finally a decision was made and Dave moved on.

Dave Paradis has been really impressing me this season, but for this event it was not enough as Francis took the win.

Babu had a good chase run against Joe Thiffault but it all went wrong on his lead run when his car darted the wrong way right after initiating – Joe moved on.

Into the Great 8; Alex Michaud faced Bob Patinka for what would turn out to be a crazy match up.

The battle was tight and went into a OMT where Bob was given the win.

Marc Landreville went up against Brad Carlton. Brad was having transmission issues which cause a few bobbles and gave the win to Marc.

Pat Cyr then took out Dave Briggs to go into the Final 4.

The big super charged V8 S14 of Francis Tasse took out the little SR20 powered ‘Rolla of Joe Thiffault putting him into the Final 4.

During the Final 4 battle Marc put his car into the dirt and broke a spindle while at it – Bob now moved on to the main battle!

Francis’s S14 took out one Corolla but was not so lucky against Par Cyr as Pat put the pressure on and got the win. With Marc Landreville’s car broken Francis was awarded the 3rd spot- his first podium in the DMCC Pro ranks.

The final was now down to Bob and Pat…

And for the second year in a row Pat Cyr wins at Toronto!

Second going to Bob Patinka!

Francis Tasse not only got the 3rd spot but also won the NOS energy Fastest Entry Contest.

With this win Pat is now leading the championship race.

And thanks Pat for spraying me with Champagne…

For more info check out

– Jeremy Alan Glover


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Phil - Driftworks
Phil - Driftworks
9 years ago

Congrats to Pat. It looks like a great event. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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