Driver Feature – Marc Landreville at DMCC Round 3

After hitting the wall in the Top 2 battle in Round 2, Marc and his car were back and ready to go for Round 3 of the DMCC series that took place at the Canadian MotorSports Park, just outside of Toronto Canada.

Round 3 being a one day event Marc got to the drivers meeting nice and early to get all the points the judges wanted to see.

Marc – Always happy seeing my camera pointed at him…

After the drivers meeting Marc headed right out for practice.

Marc was doing great and learned the tight and technical course pretty fast.

Marc gets up close to Alex Michaud during a practice run.

Putting down some good smoke around the first clip.

Practice was going great but on one run he went a little wide and hit the rumble strip the wrong way which broke a knuckle on the car.

With qualifiying starting soon the team pushed hard to get the car back in top shape to run.

All hands available were making sure the car was good to go.

Even Marc’s girlfriend was helping shade the crew from the hot Toronto sun.

With everything good to go and every last bolt tight it was time for qualifying to start.

Marc put down two solid runs.

Hitting every clip!

Earning him the #1 qualifying spot!

Before the Top 16 driver introductions Marc and Pat Cyr had some fun doing donuts around the official DMCC Scion FRS.

Driver introductions with his girlfriend Lisa. Now it was time for the action to start!

Marc’s first battle was against Simon Shaffner – Simon did a great job chasing Marc.

But went off course before the last clip, giving Marc an edge.

On Marc’s chase run Simon over shot his entry and went off course.

Giving the win to Marc, allowing him to move onto the Great 8.

Marc now faced Brad Carlton. Marc was having a great lead run.

Until a slight bobble going through clip #2 gave the edge to Brad. Luckily on Brad’s lead run he also had an issue causing the battle to go for a One More Time.

On this run Marc made sure to put the pressure on and not make any mistakes.

The added pressure seemed to have worked as Brad ran into the dirt.

Giving Marc the win and going into the Final 4!

Marc faced Bob Patinka. Going into the first clip Marc initiated hard.

But it was a little too aggressive and Marc went hard into the dirt.

The off-roading not only gave Marc a score of 0 for that run…

But also broke a spindle on the car.

Leaving him no choice but to forfeit giving the win to Bob.

It was not the way Marc wanted to finish the event but a #1 qualification and a 4th place overall is not too bad either. After this round Marc is still sitting in 2nd place for the championship and with plenty of more events to come this season is far from over.

As always Marc would like to thank his sponsors:

Lacroix Tuning
Bar Le Garage
Restaurants Les 3 Brasseurs
Moteurs National
Canada Tires
Dai Alloys
Standard Suspension
Synergie Produit De Soudure
Autodome St-Eustache
Lucky 7
Vipec North America
R-l Auto Repair
Ora Cosmetique
Transmition BĂ©lisle

Check out the official video recap of the event

Thanks for reading!

– Jeremy Alan Glover

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