Driver Feature – Marc Landreville @ DMCC Round 4

Round 3 did not end the way the team would of liked but they were ready for Round 4 in Victoriaville, Quebec!

The team showed up to the track in a nice fancy truck thanks to one of Marcs new sponsors Le Roi Du Camion.

Marc was so pumped up for the event that he didn’t realize the drivers meeting was about to start – good thing I reminded him!

As Marc ran off to the drivers meeting his team unloaded the car.

And to do some final prep before practice.

Almost good to go. You can spot Marcs official video guys, QDM Productions after getting their media vests.

The Pro Am guys went out first for practice so it let Marc and his good friend and fellow Pro driver Francis Tasse check out the layout.

Practice was about to start – Marc was ready to go!

The sound of Marc’s car is nuts as he launches off the line.

The first practice runs were starting to look good and Marc was throwing down some sick entries.

After a quick practice session it was already time for qualifying.

Marc’s first run was looking great until some issues with his 2nd gear made him straighten and get a 0 on his first run.

For his second run since it was make it or break it, he took it relatively easy to make sure he made it into the big show – Marc nabbed the 8th spot.

The main event was the next day, but the day was not over as there was a drift car parade and autograph session taking place downtown Victoriaville.

It was cool to see a parade of drift cars going through the public streets – you can see Marc in the back.

There was a huge crowd out to see the cars.

A quick video cap.

Marc signing a autograph for one of his biggest fans!

Another happy fan!

The car was looking good for battle!

The next day started off with an other practice session. With the way Marc was driving I’d say he was ready for the Top 16 to start.

Top 16 intros with his girlfriend by his side.

In front of a pretty much sold out crowd.

Marc’s first battle was against Eric Paradis. Marc put down a good lead and chase run getting him into the next round.

Marc now had to face Mike Pollard .Mike is a very aggressive driver so Marc had to go all out and managed to stick to Mike all the way around the course. On Marc’s lead run Mike stayed with Marc until Mike made a mistake giving the win to Marc.

Marc now had to battle against his buddy Francis Tasse. It is not the first time these two have met.

Marc did good but Francis stayed on Marc which is a impressive feat on its own. Francis got the win and Marc would now face Jo Thiffault for 3rd.

Marc stuck to Jo like glue.

On Marc’s lead run he knew he had to push hard.

But he pushed a little too hard and over rotated in front of Jo and contact was made.

Luckily the damage was not too bad. With that Marc finished in 4th overall position which actually now bumped him up to the lead in the points championship.  Look for another feature on Marc soon as he will be competing this weekend at the Slide Canadian Drift Open, where the winner will walk away with $10,000!

Marc would like to thank his sponsors who continue to help him make this happen:

Lacroix Tuning
Bar Le Garage
Restaurants Les 3 Brasseurs
Moteurs National
Canada Tires
Dai Alloys
Standard Suspension
Synergie Produit De Soudure
Autodome St-Eustache
Lucky 7
R-l Auto Repair
Ora Cosmetique
Transmition Bélisle

Thanks for reading!

– Jeremy Alan Glover


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