Electronic Bypass / Retard Valves. Now in stock.

The actual name is a QTP Electronic Exhaust Bypass Valve, but around here it’s become known as a ‘Retard Valve’ ever since we fitted one to my V10 M3.

Now in stock and available in the shop in sizes: 2.5″  3″  3.5″ & 4″ with the optional Ypipes available to make fitting nice and easy.

We’ll be fitting one to both the Driftworks S15 and the R32 soon! If you’re interested in joining the Retard club check out prices and the full description in the shop HERE

5 thoughts on “Electronic Bypass / Retard Valves. Now in stock.

  1. Wow! My buddies in Turkey have been doing really well with theie Varex distribution. Varex is a similar product in purpose, but it rather does the change in airflow inside the muffler. The problem with it is that you can’t push your car, especially if Turbo, on the quite setting because of the restricted exhaust flow. I love how the “Retard Valve” utilizes any exhaust system you want, just simply gives it a retard function 🙂 Really cool stuff, ILL BE RECOMMENDING THIS FOR SURE!

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  3. Hi

    Can I fit a qtp valve on my m3 e46 on? Will this sound louder? If so how much does this cost?


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