The Evolution of Scottish Car Culture

Scotland has always had a large modified car scene, from the now dreaded Max Power’d Saxos or Corsas, to the full blown race cars built by garages or by the keen enthusiast in his driveway. I’m now happy to say that this scene has grown and changed from what it used to be, where fitting 19” chavtastic halfrauds wheels onto your Corsa was considered cool, to now finding meaningful modifications and having fun driving your car instead of sitting in a car park using a flamer kit hoping to pull some jailbait!

Like the ever expanding modified car scene, Scotland has grown and evolved with it. I remember back in the day buying Max Power magazines, seeing FWD Euro rides running big bass and bigger paint jobs and thinking it was cool. Thankfully those days are over and the scene has now changed to what can only be described as entertaining, exciting, and its most certainly still fun.

John Fallon’s old R32 is a great example of how the culture has shifted interest to more performance based cars.

I have been interested in cars for as long as I can remember – Japanese cars more specifically. Things like the YouTube video of Smokey Nagata doing his high speed runs along the A1, and watching D1SL drivers tear up Ebisu have had an influence on my love for Japanese performance. Oh, not to mention Paul Walker’s bad ass R34! Damn I loved those blue stripes! I’m now in between cars at the moment however many of my friends have performance based cars but not all are drift cars.

Through Driftworks and a more local forum for me ( I have met many different people. I recently got in touch with “stinky r32” (choice username dude!) to get some shots of his R32 GTS-T, another fine example of how the car culture in Scotland has evolved.

Expect a full feature on this car soon.

I hooked up with my mate John Fallon and Colin Warren from JDMy0 to get some pictures of Johns S14A. This car is supreme, it’s also for sale! Check it out in the Drift Cars for sale section on the forum!

I’ll hopefully manage to do another full feature on this at some point in the future too.

I’d like to conclude in saying that the level of cars in Scotland is now greater than what it used to be, and my evidence for that has certainly proved me right! Wouldn’t you agree?

I hope you guys have enjoyed reading this and I look forward to posting more stuff soon.

– Ross Callaghan.

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6 thoughts on “The Evolution of Scottish Car Culture

  1. That’s cool never seen that supra before hopefully we shall see more stuff from you it’s good seeing the Scottish lot get a shout

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