DA: Round 4 “Black Sea Challenge” Constanta, Romania

Black Sea Challenge – Drift Allstars Romania Results
Nigel Colfer Takes his first win of 2012 season in Romania!

Drift Allstars returned to Romania for the second time after the huge 2011 event Drift Grand Prix Romania. Round 4 THE BLACK SEA CHALLENGE
On Saturday it was all to play for with many new faces from Eastern European added to the roster to mix things up.
With weather conditions over both days being quite warm (35 degrees!) and the track running late into the evening, it was a stark contrast to the season’s opening rounds in England and Ireland.

From the start of qualifying it was obvious that Alan Sinnot was hungry for the win after his second place finish in Ireland. With four podiums and a win in the first round he wasn’t going to give up his championship lead without a fight. Sinnot would take P1, laying down the standard for everyone.

His Nexen team mate, Spanish Champ Lluis Lopez, was having the drive of his life. Qualifying second was a well deserved result after his issues in Ireland at the last round.

Rounding out the top 3 was Nigel Colfer, another driver bouncing back from a below par finish in Ireland where he suffered mechanical problems.

The saddest news of the day was Juha Rintanen in the Achilles Tires Nissan S14’s engine failure, a real blow to his championship efforts. He promises to come back hard in Hungary next weekend.

Anthony Scott had the wind in sails for sure, taking P4 in qualifying.


Alan Sinnot and Lluis Lopez marched through to the final 8 after two steady drives.

Nigel Colfer, Anthony Scott, Martin Richards
Pete Barber took out local hero Maurius KNS, a solid performance from the UK driver in a hard battle against one of the top Romanian drivers.

Another one for the books was top Bulgarian Driver Krasmir Stefanov taking the win in his epic battle against Romanian driver Sorin Sne, marching forward to the great 8 in fine style.

Great 8

Sinnot would face off against Iulian in the Eneos Oil S13. The Irishman’s pace in the Nexen Tire Nissan S14 was just too much for the local hero. He would progress to the final 4.

Pete Barber in his new Nexen/Aerokit R33 would battle countryman Anthony Scott in the Skylinepart.com S13.Barber’s speed and aggression was too much for Scott on the night. Barber was through to the final 4.

Spanish Champ Lluis Lopez would battle top Bulgarian driver Krasmir Stefanov. Stefanov showed great speed and lines throughout the weekend, but Lopez was on fire – putting it all down to make sure he was getting on the podium!

Nigel Colfer in the Marangoni S13 went up against Martin Richards in the Altenzo Tires Toyota Soarer. Both drivers have showed huge progression this season and it was one of the tightest battles of the season. Despite pushing hard, the sheer pace and grip of Colfer’s Marangoni Tires S13 was too much for Richards, leaving him signing autographs in the pits for his legions of new fans.
Final 4
Alan Sinnot Vs Pete Barber

Both hugely experienced drivers and both on Nexen tires, this was going to be a very close battle. Barber showed great form from the word go but an error at the entrance to “Danger Alley” – the middle section of the course – meant the end of his campaign.

Lluis Lopez Vs Nigel Colfer

Lopez, on the high of going the furthest he’s gone in Drift Allstars competition, was pushing the hardest of everyone. Colfer, never one not to back down, was on Lopez’s door all through the track. With the judges unable to separate the two “One More Time” was called. Loss of angle from Lopez and a hugely dedicated drive from Colfer gave the Irishman the win and a place in the final.
Alan Sinnot Vs Nigel Colfer

This was one of a series of incredible battles between these two seasoned drivers. In the first run Sinnot pushed as hard as he could, just not quite doing enough to shake Colfer off. Colfer retaliated and pushed back even harder in the next run, gaining a slight advantage – enough for him to secure the win at the climax of some truly incredible driving.
Nigel Colfer said
“It’s great to finally be on the top step of the podium! I’m back in the championship chase with two rounds to go. I can’t wait to carry this momentum into round 5 Hungary next week! “
ABOUT Drift Allstars Europe

Entering its fourth season, Drift Allstars is recognized as the best professional drifting championship in Europe. Established on the streets of Japan, drifting has evolved into a worldwide competitive sport that pushes each driver’s car control right to the limit. Drift Allstars is a championship where professional drifters drive in events and demonstrations across Europe, fighting it out for the coveted Drift Allstars European Series crown. Drift Allstars has taken competitive motorsports to the extreme, attracting car enthusiasts and fans from all walks of life and establishing itself as the national focal point for the sport. For a race schedule and ticket information, visit: www.driftallstars.com

This weekend is Drift Allstars Round 5 “Drift Fest” in Maripocs, Hungary. Checkout Drift Allstars on Facebook for live updates and link to live-stream!

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