General Custard – The Hat’s FC3S RX-7

I was sitting on the pavement, awaiting my pick up for my latest shoot. The pick up being an FC3S RX-7, but not just any FC3S RX-7 – The Hat’s FC3S RX-7…

When I heard I was being moved by my work to Aberdeen I instantly knew I’d be out shooting some pictures of this car! I felt really excited to have the opportunity to not only see one of my favourite Scottish cars but to also meet one of the top drifters in Scotland right now.

Whilst waiting for Stu I heard many loud cars driving around the area in Aberdeen, Imprezas, Evos, and all the usual tat. I then heard what only could be Stu in the FC in the distance. Nothing comes close to the sound of a 13B rotary being smashed off the limiter!

I felt an enormous surge of excitement. Shortly after I heard the immense noise of it, the car I have wanted to take pictures of since seeing it at one of its many sessions at Crail raceway, turned around the corner into the street I was in.

Instantly I was aware of the road presence this car holds, the BN sports front bumper, Uras skirts and Uras rear bumper give this car a really low and sleek profile. FC RX-7s have that amazing classic 80s look about them; with hard, straight lines they’re a fantastic looking car as standard. But with the addition of aero this car has, it can only get better. Not only does it have the BN/Uras winning combo aero, it also has Uras front wings, RE-Amemiya mirrors, spoiler, and bonnet vent.

I love how the car is so low, it came in handy on the night of the shoot too. Stu was taking me to some little pier that sits out from a quiet little fishing village (very romantic) and there was a large chain in the way, blocking off the pier. We thought the evening had been spoiled but I suggested lifting the chain and driving the car under, and success! The FC managed to squeeze under the chain which meant we could get some pictures!

Stu having a smoke! Yay!

Inside this FC you’ll find an array of impressive and rare parts. From the Pan Speed sticker to the Nardi hitman steering wheel, it’s all there. A Bride Zeta and a partnering Brix sit neatly inside the cabin. You’ll also find a safety 21 6 point cage, Takata harness, power FC, FET turbo timer, and a Greddy boost controller. Not to mention the Driftworks hydro! I’d say it’s all periodically correct which makes me like the car even more.

Stu’s FC reminds me so much of Mitsuri Haruguchi’s 326 POWER FC, but without the massive wing. The colour and aggressive styling makes the cars very similar in my opinion.

Engine wise, the FC isn’t as modified as you’d think. This may be the key to the cars reliability? The car has: a Greddy turbo back exhaust, FMIC, a Koyo rad,  an FD3S upper throttle body and intake manifold, adjustable fuel pressure regulator, Greddy compression tube and a PS cooler. The drive belts have been converted to multi rib and the car is still on standard turbo and injectors. The boost has been raised to a safe 1.1 bar, so it’s good for around 280 BHP!

This car proves that you don’t need maximum power for mega drifts. A well setup chassis and just the right amount of power can see you through if you have the skill to do so. Suspension wise this car has a fair bit done to it, but with the lack of available adjustable arms and other parts in the UK it isn’t as big a list as what Stu had wanted.  The RX-7 benefits from HKS Hipermax coilovers, Tanabe front and rear ARB’s, DTSS eliminator bushes, adjustable main camber link, modified steering knuckles, 6mm rack spacers and Uras steering arms.

I’m sure many of you will know of Stuart and his FC3S from seeing him bust a move at Crail or down at Teesside or the many other places he’s driven his FC. If you’re lucky enough to have seen him drive you’ll realise his style is very aggressive whilst still managing to hit clipping points and other targets (walls cough cough) so when I heard he’d be at Jumanji nights in an N/A FC I knew that’d be something worth watching!

Stu will be at NDC with the Chizfab dudes and other Scottish guys on the 26 and 27th of this month. Stu had mentioned that his wife Ashley has put up with a lot with him and the FC and I thought it’d be fair to give her a mention, so well done Ashley! Any sacrifices made have clearly benefited this car as it really is superlative.

–  Ross Callaghan


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amjed (stinky 32)
amjed (stinky 32)
9 years ago

another kool write up bud well done

the fc looks awsome likes

9 years ago

Great looking car.

8 years ago

Sweet car.

Just wondering what kind of steering knuckles are you running? Im starting to drift and realizing how little angle the stock setup will allow.


Brandon Carr
Brandon Carr
8 years ago

How much are u selling it for ???

6 years ago

What kind of BOV is he running with the stock turbo+ the intercooler. Always love this FC

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