Northern Drift Championship – Round 3

NDC round 3 took place over Sunday and Monday at Teesside Autodrome. Being my first Teesside event I was expecting to see a high quality of cars and driving. Needless to say, I wasn’t disappointed.

My day started with a brief drive through to Edinburgh to meet up with a couple of my mates, Fudi (AKA Richard Reid) and Dunkz of GarageLSD. Whilst I was waiting for them I decided to get a couple of shots of my car!

The guys arrived and it was time to set off to Teesside…

Upon arriving at Teesside we were already around some great looking competitive cars, Struggle’s Zenki S14 was one that stood out over the two days. The colour, the kit and the wheels, everything was so right about it, not to mention it was driven so well!

Teesside Autodrome in Middlesbrough was originally intended to be used as a kart track (and still is) but with the ever expanding drift scene it is also home to events such as BDC and NDC. The track consists of two sides where there are 3 specific routes for karts and one that was used over Sunday and Monday at NDC. The route the drivers were following was from halfway down the straight into the large sweeping bend, up through the half circle and around the S bend. This made for an exciting show for the crowd and a technically challenging drive for the competitors.

Eventually the karting crowd dissipated and we managed to get inside the gates. The competition cars were going on the west side of the track, this being used as a pit if you like. The other side of the track was being prepared for the cars which gave the guys time to get ready!

The drivers were then allowed out on track to do their thing. This AB Motors E36 and Zenki 14 were tearing it up over the two days!

This R33 was putting on a show for the crowd making plenty of smoke throughout the day!

Fudi was out on track in his 4 door R32, unfortunately for him the car wasn’t running as well as what it could have been so he couldn’t spend as much time as he wanted to on track – it still looks good though!

Many more cars were out on track and after everyone had their practice sessions done with it was time to finish up for the evening with the competition the next day!

Around the track there was certain energy, the atmosphere was very tense and the drivers were of course fixated on the task in hand. The drivers were getting their cars prepared for a short practice session and qualifying before the competition began.

Kyle from Chizfab was doing well in his wild E36 M3 convertible, check out Chizfab for more of their work and the stuff they do. Unfortunately for Kyle, The Hat managed to edge a win meaning Stu would be up against Jeek in the 540

Here’s a picture I got of two of the Chizfab cars together, very very cool cars!

The weather was changeable and began to rain as the competition begun; everyone soldiered on and still managed to drive hard. Marcus Seagar was driving well in his mega cool A31 Cefiro.

In a strange twist of fate Marcus was drawn against his son, Kev, experience must have ruled here as Marcus walked away with the win.

Pro was filled with cool cars. This Team Sunset E30 being one of them. Pete Crown was on it all day, creating loads of smoke and getting some great angle.

Dunkz S13 was looking so intensely bad ass as ever, I love this car.

Mint was doing really well in his Chaser, this is another great Scottish car with a bit of interesting history behind it. Well done to Mint who walked away with third from the Novice class.

Ed Coley was up against The Hat in the pro group. Ed finished up with a win after some exciting twinning! Second overall and losing to Pete Green.

Stuart Lawson and Jeek from Chizfab were driving against each other after battling it out with other cars. Needless to say it was an amazing thing to watch these guys drive against each other. The Hat spun out on two laps, meaning Jeek was through. He got third overall in the pro groups.

The results are as follows:

 Novice –

1st – John King

2nd – Darren Rickaby

3rd – Steven Murray

Semi-pro –

1st – Peter Graves

2nd – Rich Grinrod

3rd – Marcin Klawko

Pro –

1st – Peter Green

2nd – Ed Coley

3rd – Jarack Federico (Jeek!)


Overall it was a great couple of days and yet again there’s an exciting new drift event where anyone can get involved in. Let’s hope this grows as much as other events like BDC. The next event is in November. Check out the site for more information on dates, rules, entry fee’s and other relevant info.

The final is on November 3/4th – hopefully there will be even more people attending that for some great quality driving!


–  Ross Callaghan

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10 years ago

Thanks Ross! 😀 Was great to meet you. Real good event.

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