Outsiders – Nagoya Street Life

If you’ve watched the Outsiders DVD already you’ll know we spent a good chunk of time in the city of Nagoya visiting garages like Kids Heart, MCR Factory, M.H.C Company, and checking out Japanese culture.

Of all the cities we visted during our journey across Japan, Nagoya is the one that holds the best memories for me. The city itself has a vibe to it that just oozes cool; it feels sleeker, darker, car culture is everywhere you look, and the girls manage to wear the shortest shorts I’ve ever seen no matter what the weather is.

But venture to the outskirts of the city late at night and you could be within a chance of experiencing a slightly more extreme side to that car culture that was mentioned earlier.

On one chilly evening we headed out to the dockyards to a local convenience store (often reffered to as a Combini by the Japanese) where we’d been invited to spend the evening with some of our new friends that we’d met during our time in Nagoya.

There was already a beautiful selection of cars waiting for us when we arrived.

This S15 Silvia from Mind Control was a shining example of Nagoya street style.

A minimal amount of stickers, Origin Lab Stylish aero, a tough set of bronze Rays Volk TE37s in 17″, crystal rear lights, and a purposeful ride height – this was easily one of my favourite Silvias in Nagoya.

This more traditionally coloured Mind Control zenki S14 Silvia was wearing nothing but a set of overfenders and OEM Navan aero – Nissan got it right from the factory with Navan! It’s becoming more common to see cars running a little reverse rake in their suspension setups which is useful for lock as well as aggressive initiations and transitions.

As seen in a more extreme form on the not-so-subtle Get Drunk R32 Skyline.

The team name is definitely applicable to the ridiculous balls out driving that this car gets put through – the state of the back end says it all.

The ex-Tokyo Auto Salon demo car from Mind Control was there looking not quite show car standard with plenty of battle scars.

More and more cars from drift teams throughout Nagoya rolled into the convenience store car park as time went on.

But as soon as everyone was together it was time to move off again.

I mean, there was only one real reason everyone was here right?

The mood of the evening suddenly changed and you could almost feel the excitement in the cold winters air.

And soon enough I was witnessing possibly the best drifting I have ever seen in my life, an unforgettable experience that’ll stay with me till the day I die.

If you want to see this unforgettable night, head on over to the Driftworks shop and get your hands on the Outsiders DVD!

– Daniel Bridle

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11 years ago

Bottom photo. Desktop.

Please 🙂

Ross Callaghan
Ross Callaghan
11 years ago

Great write up man. All the cars look amazing, the black S15 especially!

Phil - Driftworks
Phil - Driftworks
11 years ago

Yeah the black MCR S15 was such a good look. It made me think about buying a street S15 and making it look exactly like that.

Grazie Garcia
Grazie Garcia
8 years ago

Nice cars! I’ll be visiting Nagoya this June. I was wondering where I could watch street drifters there? I’m really looking forward to seeing one in my stay there. Thanks 🙂

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