BDC – Judgement Day Is Upon Us


We are now eagerly anticipating a storming end to a terrific Maxxis British Drift Championship, held at Scotland’s famous Knockhill Racing Circuit! This will be the icing on the cake in a terrific year for British Drifting. As we approach the final chapter in the sideways calendar, we expect to see drivers going for broke as they give their all in a last-ditch attempt to climb the table and onto the podium.

Knockhill is an incredibly popular track with both the drivers and the spectators. It takes conkers made of steel to keep your foot pinned at 100mph with limited visibility and initiate over the crest into the unknown.

Knockhill favours the fearless, get it wrong at The Hill and in no uncertain terms, it will chew you up and spit you into the gravel traps!

In previous years we have seen many drivers come unstuck around this fast paced and technical track. The BDC motto of “Go hard or go home”, certainly rings true here!

Another threat to drivers who are pushing close to the edge is the famous Knockhill curbs. These mini-mountains have punted many cars up onto two wheels, giving both spectators and driver some real heart in their mouth moments. They really do bite, and bite hard!

In general very few drifters are precious about their bumpers, and it’s a good job because Knockhill has an unquenchable appetite for them!

We have spotted teams and drivers improvising and remaking them at the trackside. It might not be OEM standards, but in the crudest sense, it’s functional and it gets top marks for effort!

Due to the highly technical nature of Knockhill, there’s a fine line between pulling the perfect run and having the rug pulled from underneath you! That’s without mentioning the continually changing weather conditions.

The tables in all classes remain close, and it is mathematically possible for plenty of last minute surprises and upsets, especially with the recent announcement that a certain pair of well-known Team Falken E30 BMW’s are coming over to join the party! The twin battles will get the crowd right up on their feet as they try and take in all the heroics. This will see drivers in every class giving everything they have in one last attempt at snatching glory!

Many drivers have it all to play for and some who feel comfortable right now could well throw it all away! Nothing is decided, it’s going to go right down to the wire this time!

The Maxxis British Drift Championship podium is calling, but who will cause a shocker and leap up the table? Or will it be consistency that sees the cream rise to the top? It could go either way and all will be judged, the day is approaching, don’t miss out!

Don’t miss out on this one, the TV cameras will be there, we will be there and we hope you will be too! Keep an eye on for the latest news and timetables for Round 6 at Knockhill!

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