RD6 took place back at the Autodrome St-Eustache over labour day weekend and with the championship points race heating up it was going to be a great event.

It was awesome to see 2 time DMCC Champ Matt Waldin back.

Matt was not the only American at the event. Mike Pollard made it out too running hard as usual.

Practice was going great… The highspeed entry was making for some crazy angle.

But coming in too fast would also cause drivers to go off past clip #2 as demonstrated here by Brad Carlton lifting 2 wheels.

Leading the championship is Marc Landreville. He was looking great during practice.

In second in points is Francis Tasse.. His weekend was cut short when his 750hp engine in his S14 decided to blow up after only a few runs of practice.

Francis was not the only one with engine failures… Sadly Matt Waldins car also blew as did Paco’s car after like one practice run.

Dom Derosier was looking very solid out during practice!

After the practice session before the qualifications were about to start I checked out the paddock and saw the Scion Challenge FR-S’s… Looking great all modified.

Spotted Pat and Dan Cyrs grandpa rocking a DriftPosse shirt. Their grandparents come out to almost every event..

On my way back track side I also spotted DMCC president Eric Belec.

To end off the day the qualifications started… Pat Cyr got himself into the 3rd spot.

In between qualifications run Babu decided to take a little nap…

Mike Pollard had a good first run getting him the 2nd position.

On his 2nd pass this happened! The crash looked a lot worse then it actually was.


#1 spot wend to Marc Landreville.

The next day the morning started off with a quick practice session.

For a day in September in Canada it was bloody hot out… Marc Landreville was making full use of his fan.

Before the Top 16 drivers line up Marc Landreville went out with a truck from one of his sponsors and put on a little smoke show. You can sorta see the VIP tent getting smoked out.

Oh Mike…

Pretty cool to see the top 3 doing donuts around the official car of the DMCC the Scion FRS.

With so many of the drivers having car issues the top 3 qualified drivers all had by runs into the Great 8.

First official battle of Top 16 was between Simon Schaffner and Dany “Babu” Bernier.  The first run was not so great on both sides so it went to a one more time where something interesting happened.

Babu smacked the wall during his switch back and his tires un mounted from the rim… Didnt stop Babu tho!.

As cool as it was the  win was awarded to Simon.

Next up was Dom Desrosier against Tom Tom…  Dom seems to be still having issues with the car. He put up a good fight but Tom Tom was able to advance.

Alex Michaud and Joe Thiffault both have been driving really well this season. Joe Thiffaults experience paid off and he made it to the great 8.

Brad Carlton had a good run against Eric Paradis.

Eric did not have a great fun and went into the tires and almost took out a porta potty…

Last battle of the top 16 was Alex Gosselin against Claude Poirier.. A mistake on Claudes end cost him the win sending Alex on.

Onto the Great 8… Marc took out Simon.

Tom Tom won against Joe.

Brad got knocked out by Mike.

Final battle of the Great 8 where Pat Cyr took the win over Alex Gosselin.

Into the Final 4 it was a good battle between Marc and Tomy but Mar cgot the edge moving on!

Pat and Mike usually have great battles but Mike had a bunch of mistakes during his runs and gave the win to Pat.

Mike redeemed himself when he went against Tomy for 3rd…

Final Battle came down to Marc VS Pat.

Pat went wide and spun out in the dirt…

His lead run was good but the spin into the dirt was too much to overcome.

Marc Landreville gets the win!

Final standings.. Marc Landreville, Pat Cyr, Mike Pollard with Tom Tom in 4th.

Mike Pollard also won the NOS Energy Fastest Entry award.

The 7th and final round of DMCC is taking place this weekend. Marc Landreville is currently in the lead but Pat Cyr is not too far behind so I can imagine the last round will be a action packed one. For for info check out



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