DMCC RD7 – The Final!

The Final round of the 2012 DMCC took place last weekend at the Sanair racing facility, south of Montreal. It is the first time that DMCC has come to the track and a new track for the last round… it was going to be exciting.

The morning of Day 1 started off really cold and wet, but with no rain in the forecast the event we were going to be lucky at least on the weather side of things.

Walking around the pits as drivers were showing up I spotted Marc Andree Fontaine pull in… he missed the last few events but it was good to see that him and his R32 will be competing in the last round. Another driver to make a come back after missing some rounds was Jeff Laflamme in his IS300.

Everybody was in a good mood.. After such a crazy season it was almost odd that it was already the last one.

Drivers need fuel too!

Dany “Babu” Bernier loves his Hankooks

After the morning drivers meeting it was time for practice to start… The track was a simple one but that was going to be really fast and great for the tandem battles.

Too bad it was the end of the season because it seems that Dom Desrosiers team got their 350z figured out – Dom was putting out some crazy smoke!

Jeff Laflamme’s team also got all the bugs worked out in their car. Jeff was killing it and doing some really gangster entries.

RD7 also saw a DMCC Pro new comer Phil Bruyere, doing great in his Soarer. I love seeing that car out on track!

Marc Landreville was leading the championship and he was looking great in practice… But was having some slight mechanical issues.

Hot on Marc’s heals in the championship race is Pat Cyr… He needs to win the event in order to take the championship so Pat was for blood at this event… Epecially since it was going to be the last event for his trusty AE86 he was not going to hold back.

Claude Poirier getting some deep angle.

The last few events Simon Schaffner has been killing it… But RD7 was not going to be one of them as his engine blew during practice ending not only the event but the season for Simon.

After blowing his engine at the last round Francis Tasse was back with a little less power but running strong regardless. Here he is with Eric Paradis getting up and close.

Speaking of close here Marc Landreville getting up on Paco. It’s hard to see but Paco’s passenger is giving a certain hand gesture to Marc…

Dan of Cyrious Productions gets all professional and films with his phone!

Pretty much right after practice it was time for qualifications to start.

3rd spot went to Joe Thiffault.

Second to Marc Landreville.

Number one spot went to Bob Patinka who took the clipping point with him on both his runs!

The next day started off with a Top 16 practice session.

Pat Cyr knocking on Jeff Laflamme’s door.

Practice didn’t end too well for Eric Paradis as his engine let go.

Before the Top 16 driver introductions Francis Tasse came out and did a little colourful burn out. He was supposed to do it was a 800hp Supra but due to some mechanical issues he used his competition car instead.

Even though Eric Paradis engine blew he still came out for the driver introduction… just not sure about his choice of models.

First Battle of Top 16. Bob Patinka VS Dom Desrosier… Bob pretty much cost himself the win by having some mistakes on his runs.

Pat Cyr put down two sick runs and took the win against Dany Babu Bernier.

Brad Carlton got the win against Alex Michaud.

Tomy Bellemare won his match up against Phil Buyere when Phil crashed into the wall.

Marc Landreville took the win against Marc Andree Fontaine… even made a bit of contact on his chase run.

Next up was Francis Tasse VS Claude Poirier… Something broke on Francis car between the runs leaving him no choice but to forfeit.

With Eric Paradis out of the show Joe Thiffault had a by run.

Last battle of the Top 16 was between Jeff Laflamme and Paco… Paco put up a good fight but Jeff showed that his car was dialled in now and took the win..

Pat Cyr continued to show that his is great in tandem and got the win against Dom Desrosier.

Brad VS Tomy… Brads engine blew – one more time was called but with a blown engine Brad had to forfeit.

As the clean up crew cleaned up what Brad left on track I notice my buddy Antoine just floating in space… was odd!

Back to the action Marc took out Claude Poirier moving him into the Final 4.

It was an epic battle between Joe and Jeff that went to a one more time… Jeff started driving balls out and got the win!

Got Proximity? Pat Cyr gets the win in the first battle of the Final 4.

An other crazy battle! It almost went to 2 one more times but Marc’s engine blew giving the win to Jeff.

With Marc’s engine dead Tomy was automatically giving 3rd place! With Marc now out if Pat Cyr would win against Jeff he would be winning the Championship by a single point.

The battle for first… Pat surprisingly did not have a great chase run and Jeff was driving all out.

And Jeff Laflamme got the win!!!

DMCC RD7 final standings – Jeff Laflamme, Pat Cyr, Tomy Bellemare.

Tomy also won the NOS energy Fastest entry award.

With it being the last round the podium ceremonies were not over. It was now time for the Championship podium. Here DMCC judge Haig offers Pat 20$

Pat might of come up a tad short but I think he took some relief by spraying Marc with champaign.

2012 DMCC final standings – Marc Landreville, Pat Cyr, Francis Tasse.

Marc with his championship trophies – good thing he has good sponsors! That’s Jean Alex of Standard Suspension helping Marc hold up the big one.

This DMCC was a blast to cover! I already can’t wait for next season! Check out for all the info about the up coming season.



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