JZX110 Mark II Build – Part 3 – Vertex Aero


This isn’t really a proper ‘build’ update. It’s just a few pictures taken in haste, as the Vertex kit just landed at Birmingham airport. I HAD to see what it looked like eh! I also found a pair of matching front wheels which came in from Japan recently which fit perfectly.


The cars filthy, the bonnets not shut, and the kit’s only plonked on, but f*ck the car is starting to look like my imagination wanted it to! The Vertex kit cost a small fortune to have sent air freight from Japan, but once again, the quality is unbelievably high. It literally just bolts on, with all pre-drilled holes, and no stretching or cutting! Love Vertex!



Part 1 of the build is here: JZX110 Mark II Build – Part 1 – Welding and Bashment 

Part 2 of the build is here: JZX110 Mark II Build – Part 2 – Turbo & Exhaust Fabrication

– Phil Morrison

8 thoughts on “JZX110 Mark II Build – Part 3 – Vertex Aero

  1. if i could have a collection of cars as nice as yours someday i would die an extremely happy man. the 110 looks amazing cant wait t see it in paint, do you have the colour picked out?

  2. I’m still struggling a bit with colour. My thought of the day is BMW Frozen Matt grey. I’m going to get on the old photoshop to see if it will work.

  3. I’ve been told the BMW matt color is a B**CH to clean? I think i would go with straight up silver or charcoal but of course the owner paints it whatever color he wants 🙂

  4. That Frozen grey BMW colour is actually Space Grey by the way dude. Just with the special different lacquer, I saw the colour code on an E92 M3 in frozen grey in the old showroom. Same code as Spacer Grey just with an individual additional letter

  5. what kind of wheels are they ? this beast is really starting to come together really well …….. ive seen bmw brown done on a jzx100 like x5 bmw brown its like a metalic colour …… it looks great

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