Super Sexy Silvia – Nikki Marsh’s Kouki S14

S14s come in many different styles and range from standard, tame cars, to outright insanely powered race cars. Nikki Marsh’s Kouki Silvia is a perfect combination of power and style, in my opinion it’s the perfect S Body.

For the little time I’ve spent involved in Drifting I’ve realised that S-bodies are of course extremely popular for many reasons. I’ve picked up on the idea that clean cars usually don’t get drifted and even occasionally looked down upon as “lifestyler cars”.  Although Nikki’s Silvia is probably the cleanest S-body I’ll ever see, it still gets sideways regularly!

Arriving at Nikki’s flat I was greeted by him and his girlfriend Ashleigh. The car was sitting pretty needless to say!

Imported by Powervehicles in mid 2007 the car wasn’t as highly specced as it is now. Nikki told me; “I found the car after pursuing the pages of Powervehicles auction catalogues for months till I found the one I wanted”. Nikki’s hard work in trying to find a nice Silvia has certainly paid off. The car was relatively tame when imported, a few small aero and interior mods was the extent of the spec sheet. Who knew it’d end up so wild! This Silvia sports a wide variety of amazing aftermarket parts, Key!s steering wheel, Defi gauges, Version Select front bumper, Kazama Tryval skirts and not to mention the enormous Precision PTE5857 billet turbo.

The car has been mapped twice at Protuner by Greg Gush. It is now putting out 450 bhp at 1.4 bar and 425 lb ft of torque. Nikki said that they had to abort mapping at that as the 740’s were nearly maxed out!

The car sits on 18X10 ET15 Rota Grid Drifts, teamed with the DriftWorks CS2 coilovers this provides the desired swagger! Pulled front and rear arches help to accommodate the wheels. The aero on this car is amazing, as previously stated with the front bumper and skirts teamed with the OEM Kouki rear bumper and spats the car really does look great!

I’d personally like to say a big thanks to Nikki and Ashleigh for allowing me to get pictures of this incredible car. I thoroughly enjoyed the night and let’s hope it won’t be the last time I’ll shoot pictures of this! Nikki is in two minds whether or not he wants to sell the car, Ashleigh thinks he’ll never get rid of it. Let’s hope she’s right!


–   Ross Callaghan.

13 thoughts on “Super Sexy Silvia – Nikki Marsh’s Kouki S14

  1. Sorry guys I meant to mention – this was shot in Glasgow, where Nikki stays

    Ivan – thanks for the amazing compliment! Unfortunately I don’t profess in photography, maybe one day!

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