Total Car Produce Amazing 180SX

This 180sx comes from a team out in Japan called Amazing, and the attention to detail on it is just that, like it or not.

Trying to find the full specs is a little tricky, but from what I’ve found out the car rocks a set of Weds Sport SA70 wheels in 17x9J up front and 18x9J at the rear, with full GT-1 aero and a 326 Power rear wing. It also pushes out around 300PS from it’s SR20DET.

Visually it’s going to split opinions, but it’s cool to see people pushing boundaries with drift car styling still.

I know a lot of people will look at the photos and say it’s just a show car, but here’s a video that proves otherwise!

And another!

So what do you guys think? Love it or hate it?


– Daniel Bridle

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JC Robinson
JC Robinson
9 years ago

Love it, i have a video on youtube of him killin the touge making it look like daily driving lol.

Ross Callaghan
Ross Callaghan
9 years ago

That’s pretty rad looking, I like it… I think!

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