Drifting on a Formula 1 Track

At the beginning of August, the King of Europe Drift Series had scheduled a round to take place on the Hungaroring race track, just one week after the likes of Alonso, Vettel, or any other Formula 1 driver had roamed about in their ultra-high speed machines.

This video brings you an inside view on how the round went on, both from an emotional view and from an action point of view. Inside you can see drivers from all across Europe and even some from the Middle East, with cars ranging from the ordinary V8 powered E30 to some more radical machines, with horsepower levels going as high as 700bhp. You might really enjoy this flick, and it might even make you want to go out and see the Hungaroring track one day soon. And, if you remember that sweet M3 E46 turbo Powered E30 from Romania, it’s inside as well!

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