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As we all know, drifting in the UK is getting more popular and with a pretty limited selection of tracks it’s always good to find a new venue.

I received a text from Kyle Chisholm at Chizfab inviting me along to Spedeworth Autodrome in Lochgelly to watch some guys tear it up on the track and discover what areas need widened/enhanced. Needless to say I jumped on the opportunity and headed along…

After meeting at Chizfab HQ we headed along to the track. Home of the Jumanji nights event, Spedeworth Autodrome in Fife is home to not only the oval but a pretty tight and technical circuit, ideal for drifting!

As you can see, the course is pretty narrow. The track is now under new ownership and there are plans in place to widen in certain areas and make It more drift friendly. I hope these plans go ahead, it’ll be a worthwhile investment for the new owners along with providing possibly the most technical track in the UK.

I found from being out with a couple of drivers that it’s mainly second gear corners and that twinning is easily accomplished, as “The Hat” proved for the majority of the day! Here’s his car parked up, looking good!

Jeek, Kyle, Joe, and Scott from Chizfab were in their squadron of BMW’s. All cars were going well, Joe was making maximum smoke and Jeek was making ridiculous noise. Not many things sound as good as Jeek’s 540!

Jeek’s car is up for grabs at the moment at a silly cheap price – Jeek wants to go for something more Japanese. Check it out in the drift cars for sale section on the forum!

Joe was tearing it up, this is one cool E36!

Some of you may recognise this car. It was originally imported by John Fallon back in 2010 and is now owned by K. K plans on fitting some pretty aggro wheels along with some other interior and exterior changes. I won’t  let the cat out the bag yet, just wait for my feature on it!

It does look a bit more beaten up than when John had it, but with plans for paint in the future it’ll be back to looking clean and tidy once again.

The R32 was getting wild abuse all day, K seemed to have the track figured out after a couple of laps!

Hat was doing his thing, needless to say some incredibly precise driving was going on.

Lots and lots of very close twinning too!

The car got some pretty rough treatment and a lot of the aero had disappeared by the end of the day, yet it still looks cool!

Yeah, that is a pick up Volvo!

I think with a bit of work this track would be pretty amazing. Widened in the areas it needs to be and less marsh like, it’d be mega! Let’s hope it happens soon- Make it happen Hardie race promotions!


– Ross Callaghan

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