Outsiders – Bihoku Highland Circuit PT.1

With another early start came another day in Japan. The winter air was crisp and chilly, the cars were packed with tools and tyres, and we were up and ready for our first full day of drifting at the legendary Bihoku Highland Circuit.

After the scenic cruise up to the track we made it to the entrance and grabbed our tickets.

The resident Bihoku dog was sat outside.

Which Pieter soon made friends with.

No matter where you are there’s always a lot of prep with drift days, un-packing the cars, checking them over, swapping tyres, it all takes time.

Nothing beats the sight of a fresh set of tyres ready to be destroyed.

As well as Pieter and John’s PS13 Silvias, Josh and Shane were driving the other K-Tours S14.

The fact we had this entire track pretty much to ourselves all day, for the equivalent of £60 was like a slice of drifting heaven. Just being able to be here and photograph this slightly ghetto but beautiful circuit was a dream come true for me, so I can’t imagine how the guys felt being able to drift it!

Pieter was one of the first out on track.

But sadly his day of drifting came to an end pretty soon as the 2nd cylinder rocker arm snapped in half.

John got down to business in his 90s style PS13 Silvia. The car was still having a few niggling gearbox issues but John managed well.

Phil finally got a chance to let rip in the S14.

Obviously being Shane’s car and with Suzuka and Meihan coming up he didn’t want to go out and wreck the thing.

But he soon got to grips with the circuit after a few close shaves – Bihoku isn’t a forgiving circuit if you mess up!

Here’s a little bit of footage of Phil I shot, I’m no Al Clark so forgive me for any erratic movements during the in-car.

Our day at Bihoku had really only just begun, and we were soon joined by the likes of D1GP and D1SL drivers who showed us how it was really done. Stay tuned for Part 2 soon!


– Daniel Bridle

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Phil Morrison
Phil Morrison
10 years ago

LIKE! 😀 Fuck that video brought back the ‘fear of the flick’! Love it man. I’ve got a new desktop.

10 years ago

I want the rear lights from the 14a phil drove, where could i get them from?

PS: love the dvd, should do another one sometime

10 years ago

Lovely pics man.
Sharp and crisp. I can almost feel how cold it was!

10 years ago

yeah man! Lovely photos old buddy old pal.

10 years ago

Dope! looks like fun.. still yet to see the film.. love to venture over there one day…

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