Driftworks R32 – Release The Evil – F*ck You Butterflies!

Driftworks R32 Skyline Black

The DWR32 has always had a bit of a hard time as our number two car, waiting patiently for it’s turn at having some real attention and care put into it. Now the DWS15 has gone, and our new AE86 Nascar build is months away from completion, that time is finally here, so here’s a brief run down of some of the work that’s been carried out in the last year or so.

Driftworks R32 Skyline

We’d had the 1JZ fitted to the car for a few years, but we’d gone through a few engines in the period known as ‘the age of Bon’ for a variety of reasons. So in an effort to get some reliability, we had Clarkey from Doritech Motorsport source and fit a top condition used 1JZ, fit our HKS cams and Titan valve springs and retainers, and fit a standard 1JZ engine loom along with a proper conversion adapter to go between this standard loom and the Syvecs ECU. He also modified a new exhaust manifold, fabricated a better wastegate set up. and converted the front suspension back to double wishbone, with some modified knuckles thrown in for good measure. The reason we removed the McPhearson suspension set up was because we wanted the car to be eligible for all championships, and also wanted to experiment with the possibility of producing Geomaster hub knuckles for Skylines. As usual Clarkeys OCD and attention to detail is plain to see.

Driftworks R32 1JZGTE

The old manifold used to crack quite frequently, so we had our next door neighbours fabricate the brace to hang the BorgWarner Airwerks turbo off at the same time they fabricated the intercooler pipework, and the inlet that goes to the huge Pipercross filter behind the bumper.

Greg from Protuner mapped the car at a safe 560bhp and 555ft/lbs of torque running  just 1.6bar boost and revving to 8000rpm

Driftworks R32 Nickson Cage

I tidied up the interior with some new carbon panels, some paint by Jimsfactory and Perry, and fitted one of our lovely Nardi Driftworks Special Edition Steering Wheels.
Blair from Dynotorque wired in some trick new SPA gauges that show two parameters per 60mm gauge.
The cage is the same work of art peice of fabrication by Nickson Motorsport. We decided on Nascar doorbars, that give  alot more crush zone between the cage and the seats, as side impacts are all to common in drifting.

Driftworks R32 Multilogo

One big niggle for me with our cars over the last few years, was the necessity for the drift competition car look. Sponsorship and exposure for our business kind of made it essential to ‘be seen’ in the past. But now that the DWR32 wasn’t heavily sponsored, I wanted to really simplify the look, and come up with something that you could drive on the street without getting to much unwanted attention. So we decided that a simple recipe of fitting some Rota MXR 18x 11″ and 18×10″ Matt Black with Gloss Black Lips, and borrowing some thoughts from the DWS15’s 2010 Multilogo design would make the car much more ‘us’.
I hate cutting weeding and applying stickers at the best of times, but this multilogo design is a nightmare when laid over the many different curves  and steps of the huge rear quarter panels, but I’m massively stoked with the results, and the car as a whole really works for me now.

Driftworks Skyline Interior


Engine: 1JZGTE / HKS 264 cams / Titan valve springs and retainers / Vernier Pulleys / Dampened Underdrive crank pulley + lightweight aux pulleys / Borg Warner Airwerks S300 Turbo with custom HEL lines / Pipercross airfilter / Custom 8″ Intercooler / Koyo Rad / Jag Fan / Driftworks External Oil Filter and Cooler kit / Bosche O44 main and Walbro Lift Fuel Pumps / Customer Swirlpot and fuel lines / Sard 660cc injectors / Syvecs ECU mapped by Protuner.

Drivetrain: R154 Gearbox / Exedy Twin Plate Clutch & Lightweight Flywheel / Custom Prop / R33GTR Cusco RZ LSD + R33GTR Drivershafts.

Chassis / Suspension: Nickson Motorsport FIA Cage with Nascar doorbars / Driftworks Control System 2 Coilovers / Driftworks Adjustable Rear Camber / Rear Toe / Rear traction / Front Tension / Front Camber arms / Driftworks Offset Rack Spacers /Tein Tie Rods / Doritech Modified Knuckles

Interior: Driftworks FIA Suzuka Bucket Seats / Driftworks 4 point harnesses / Driftworks Nardi Steering Wheel /HKB Boss / Lifeline Plumbed In Fire Extinguisher / SPA gauges / Driftworks Hydraulic Handbrake.

Wheels / Tyres: Rota MXR 18×11″ ET8 and 18×10″ ET12 with 285/30/18 and 245/35/18 Federal RSR

Bodywork:  BN Sports & D-MAX Aero / Plastics for Performance Windows

Driftworks R32 Skyline

This car owes a lot of thanks to a lot of people, and I really hope I haven’t forgotten anyone: DoritechGarage DDynotorque / Nickson Motorsport / Protuner /Crazy Ant / Rota / Sky Insurance / various members of the Driftworks Clan, and anyone else that’s helped along the way. This car is one of the oldschool, and the fact it’s still here doing it’s thing after nearly 8 years is a testament to you all!  We’ll be out melting tarmac again soon! Thank you 🙂


– Phil Morrison

18 thoughts on “Driftworks R32 – Release The Evil – F*ck You Butterflies!

  1. Soooooo glad to see the DWR32 out and about again! One of the reasons (along with Bon’s old one!) why I bought and developed my own R32 so much.

    Geomasters for R-chassis sounds fantastic! Lets hope we see them soon 🙂

    Mind if I rob words/pics from this for my blog at some point?

  2. Is there any pictures of the rear suspension. Bought the set up but havent installed it yet…Very interested in how it looks installed…Car looks awesome..

  3. So glad to see the multilogo back – the R32 looks so mean now! Also, has fitting the old double wishbone set-up had a significant effect on weight?

  4. This car is the right receipe for win.
    New cars are all well and good, but seeing a car develop as lessons are learned and fun still had, its got all bases covered.

  5. Excited to see that this is a main focus for you guys, skyline specific geomasters would just be the icing on the cake,

  6. Hi Fellas,

    Did you have any issues fitting the dump pipe?
    Or issues with the clutch cylinder getting too hot?
    In the process of making a dump pipe for my 1jz r32.


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