Phil drives for the new Jaguar XFR-S advert

Driftworks very own Phil Morrison was invited to drive the new Jaguar XFR-S which is a 550bhp 4door luxury sports tourer, that turns into a hooligans car when the tractions off.

The car was embargoed (super secret), so a section of some of the best roads in the Swiss Alps was closed for filming, and every time the car stopped it was covered to hide it from the snappers. The video was shot and edited by none other than Al Clark aka Ringer from the Driftworks forum, and it was just released at the LA Motorshow, so we’re now allowed to show you 🙂

Some of you may find the advert a little tame, but remember this is Jaguar we’re talking about here. The fact that there’s even tyre smoke in a Jaguar advert says a hell of a lot!

Jaguar XFRS Drifting

Jaguar XFRS Drifting


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