Amerigo Monteverde – 2012 King of Europe Drift Review

Italian driver Amerigo Monteverde has just released his 2012 Season Video Review. Amerigo competed in all King of Europe Drift Series events this year  using his BMW M3 E46, which develops about 400 horsepower. Even though the car was also fitted with a sequential gearbox, it was still rather underpowered compared to a few of the other cars in the series. Still, he managed to win the Series Team Championship together with Francesco Conti (BMW M3 E92 GT4), and place among the top 10 drivers by the end of the year.

For 2013, he is building a serious piece of machinery, specifically a LS powered S14 running around 600 horsepower! The E46 will now get a supercharger and will go to his son, Cristiano, who is 17 years old, but already has acquired a good set of skills regarding the sport.

Enjoy your the video!

– Dragos Mihal

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