Benjamin Boulbes – 2012 King of Europe Drift Review

As the 2012 King of Europe Drift Series has come to an end, drivers have started releasing their annual video reviews. Benjamin Boulbes, who comes from France, has driven 40.000kms all around Europe to compete in all the series events . His car for this season, a BMW E36 fitted with a M5 E39 V8 engine, although quite underpowered compared to many of his competitors, has managed to bring him to the 4th place , tied in points with the driver that ranked 3rd.

The video goes through all 8 events : Round 1 in Poland- Poznan RaceTrack, ┬áround 2 in Spain – Castelloli RaceTrack , round 3 in Slovakia -Piestany Airport, round 4 in Ukraine – Odessa , round 5 in Hungary – Hungaroring RaceTrack , round 6 in Romania-Constanta, round 7 in Croatia- Osijek Airport and finally round 8 in Slovakia -SlovakiaRing RaceTrack.

Hope you enjoy it!

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