Jenvey LS Throttle Bodies for our AE86. Bring The Noise!

Jenvey LS ITB

We’ve just had a rather exciting delivery this morning! Some words that come to mind: Jenvey, LS3, ITB’s, Prepreg Carbon Fibre Airboxes, and delicious! The rest is explained in the pictures!

Jenvey have been at the top of the motorsports throttle body game for many years. So when we saw they were offering an ITB kit for the LS engine we’re fitting to our AE86, we just had to have one! The specifications we’re building this engine to are to give a high revving v8. We don’t want this thing to be sitting at 3000rpm churning tyres. We want it hanging off a 7.5k+ limiter!

Jenvey ITB


Jenvey Throttle Bodies

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10 years ago

Very nice, if you want high revving V8 did you consider the AJP8?

Phil Morrison
Phil Morrison
10 years ago

Hi, we already had the LS. We just wanted to make it rev a little higher than some of the other engines we’ve seen out there.
The best engine I’ve driven for revy V8’s would be a 4.0 S65 from an E92 M3. It’s an awesome engine that can rev to 9k in stock form. It’s just a bit more expensive to get running and tune than an LS.

Gerd Neumann
Gerd Neumann
8 years ago


what´s the price of this throttle?

Best regards


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