Cartu Drifting

There’s a new drift team making it’s way up in the European Drift Scene. The name is Cartu Drifting, and their goal is to be the most competitive and impressive drift team out there. They’ve started off the season on the right foot, in their fully custom built BMW M3 E46 GTR, powered by a 2JZ engine, with Antilag. For Round 1 of the Monster Energy King of Europe Drift ProSeries, the car was only running at 700 horsepower, but the goal is to up the power by using a GT42 turbocharger for upcoming rounds, which should take the figures up to 1000 horsepower. A sequential gearbox will also be fitted.

For the car’s first ever international event, with Adam Frank behind the wheel, it finished qualifying in 2nd place and the event in 4th, after a punctured radiator. But enough talking, enjoy the video!

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