Matt Field’s Radical S14


Matt Field has always had one of the most radical liveries in the Formula Drift field, needless to say, everyone was anticipating how his car would look for the 2013 season. I have to say, it certainly has lived up to his liveries of the past.


This is my personal favorite livery he has ever had. The yellow, blue, purple, black, and chrome all come together to make this one of the most unique cars in the field.


Oh, and not to mention the widebody and huge wing. The car certainly reflects his driving style. Loud and on throttle.


I just love the contrasting colors.


The theme continues on the inside as well with the purple harnesses and finger painted steering wheel.


As well onto the dashboard with the purple streaks. The shifter and E-brake are different too.


The livery and everything is amazing but, like any car, the details are what really make it special.


It’s clear that he does a lot of work in this car. Last year when he had his famous battle with Daigo Saito was one of the moments when many more drift fans began to take Matt very seriously.


In fact, I had always known about Matt Field but I had never really closely followed him until then.


Before the first round of Formula Drift in Long Beach, Matt had Miss Pacman on the end of his wing. After he smashed that off on a wall, he decided to put a banana on the end.


The black headlights make the car look very menacing from the front, especially at night.


The Rotiform wheels are probably my favorite part of the car. You can never go wrong with a huge lip and chrome.


Some of the stickers on the car take the same theme as the wheels. It’s obvious that a lot of work was put into making this car look amazing.


Throughout the weekend I was very impressed with Matt’s performance on track. He certainly had more speed throughout the course than most drivers and he was very aggressive during tandem battles.


The battle scars just go to show how aggressive and on throttle he can be.


The fans loved his car. There were constantly people who walked by, stopped, and took out there smartphone to get a picture.


It certainly isn’t a show car but it is definitely beautiful. Matt qualified 8th in Atlanta but sadly got knocked out during top 16 against Vaughn Gittin JR. Certainly not a bad performance.


I’m expecting that Matt will soon be picked up by a big team and will probably get a podium in the near future. He certainly has the skill and dedication to do it.

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