2013 Drift Allstars European Series Mid Season Review

2013 Drift Allstars European Series Season Review is kind of an odd timing when we are near the penultimate round of the year but with 3 events over the month of august the media team has been stretched more then usual so here goes.


The 2013 Drift Allstars European Championship has been an incredible season thus far. The season opener at the Budmat show in Plock, Poland drew a crowd of 25,000 fans. The custom riverside street circuit of downtown Kaunas, the Riga City Centre Track and Sturup raceway in Sweden have brought new and excitement filled action to the constantly growing championship.


With over 83 different points scorers and 140 drivers registered, its been a record year for drivers and over 13 nations having participated. 50,000 people have viewed the first 4 events LIVE. This equates to being the most watched live driftshow in Europe.

livestream pics
After the first four rounds an average of 10,000 viewers(per show) was pinnacled by a recording breaking 32,000 viewers during the Budmat Livestream show.

The DA viral video series has been stronger than every with over 100,000 views of the coverage of the first three events.
Social media has exploded with 300% growth since the season start, just 3 months ago. Its growing faster than Rallycross, Motocross and most international bikes series! Missed the first 3 event videos then catch up on the action below?

Round 1 Poland

Round 2 Sweden

Round 3 Latvia

European drifting is getting bigger, we thank you all for being part of it!

The penultimate round of the 2013 Drift Allstars European season brings the series back to one of it’s favorite venues from last year, Máriapócs, Hungary.
3 day festival set in the middle of east of hungary. With over 50 drivers 3 championships being battled for and a drift event that goes on till midnight saturday mixed with a music festival the TRackwood Festival has it all.

The track is one of the smallest on the tour but is one of the trickest with a 130km/hr entry and 3 rerar clipping zones dont let this track size phase you

See the below Track Preview

The penultimate round of the 2013 Drift Allstars European season brings the series back to one of it’s favorite venues from last year, Máriapócs, Hungary.

The three way battle for the championship between Juha Rintanen (Finland),
Dawid Karkosik (Poland) and Janis Eglite (Latvia) is proving to be a vivid example of the different international styles present in Drift Allstars.

The championship points allow drivers to drop their worse score from the first 5 rounds. Although the points earned in the Final, Round 6, cannot be dropped towards a drivers cumulative championship points for the season. So, if we look at the standings once drivers have dropped their worst score, the points race slightly changes.

Juha Rintanen has a slight 14 point lead over second place Janis Eglite. Karkosik and Rintanen both have 2 podiums in 4 events, while Eglite has 3 podiums in 3 events.

The current points table before you drop the worst score

Qualifying Scores

When we take the last 3 events into comparison, the best qualifier out of the 3 is Juha with 26 points. Janis Eglite follows with 22 points and Dawid Karkosik with 17 points! Consistency and qualifying points are shaping up to be the recipe to win this years championship.



Trackwood Video preview

What to check up on the action for this upcoming weekend then check out the driver preview report over on the Drift Allstars Website


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