DMCC was back at the RiverSide Speed way in St Croix Quebec for the 3rd time for its 7th round of competition. To change it up from the two last events that took place at this track the track layout was reversed for this 2 day event.


In the morning I spotted Seb Grandmaison’s car in the pits. He started the season off really good but then engine problems have kept him out of competition for pretty much the whole season.


Now sporting a funny looking SR..err V8 Seb was looking to have a more reliable set up. Seb’s main goal at the round was to tune the new engine up since it only got fully set up a day before the event.


Pro Am driver Jonathan Guitard has a funny choice of drink for the morning..


Where as Philippe Bruyeres wing on his Soarer makes for a great table for his early morning coffee.


Dave Briggs lead mechanic/Crew Chief Ardo tries to steal the DMCC side by side..he didnt make it far.


After having a good event at RD6 with his new FRS, Pat Cyr took out his trusty corolla for RD7 since the clutch on his FRS needed some love.


After missing the two last rounds Marc Landreville was back and ready for battle


But again not with his S14. Instead he will be piloting this V8 S14 for the rest of the season.


Suited up and heading to the morning drivers meeting.


Love that smile!


As the Pro Ams were out for their first practice session of the event, Pro driver Kevin Morin was having some fun on his drift trike.




Pat Cyr, Dave Briggs and Marc Landreville all wanted in on the fun!..looked like a blast..DSC_8204 copy

DSC_8156 copy

With the sun shining the first practice session for the Pro’s started. A lot of the drivers were not having an easy time adapting to the backwards layout.


Phil Bruyere went off pretty hard and damaged the front end of his car.


But his off was not as violent as Nicolas Lorange’s..Crappy photo but from where I was I should not of been able to see the car.. The impact was so hard that the car flew into the air.. He was thankfully ok.


With the two crashes taking up a lot of the time left in practice. Not many drivers were able to do any more then a few laps. With the few laps Marc Landreville had he was adapting well to his new ride.


The first practice session ended and it was time to take a little break.. Cyriouse Production headed to his office.


Back in the pits the Lorange team was working hard to get the car “ready” to get back out on track..They cut the entire back half off the car, it looked odd but they were lucky the crash didnt affect any major components.


Dave Briggs and his dad relax before it was time to head back out on track.


An other short practice session was underway before it was time for the qualifying sessions to start. Seb Grandmaison car sounded like it needed some major tuning..but it was good to see him back out on track..


Phil Bruyeres team were able to get his car all fixed up..


And to everybody’s surprise Nicolas was back out!..The car had no back end and horrible rear camber but it was back and Nic was doing a good job handling it.


After the second practice session the drivers dove pretty straight into qualification.  Marc Landreville was able to get his new car into the 3rd spot.


Kevin Morin has been super impressive this season and he proved it once again by qualifying in the 2nd spot.


Qualifying in the number on spot was Alex Michaud that put down a crazy pass!


The next morning it did not start all too well.. For one it was not nice out and they were calling for rain for pretty much the whole day and to make things worse Mike Pollard had two of his wheels stolen out the back of his track while it was parked at the track.. Cant believe anybody would do that.


Spotted Max Lemoine ripping out in this Jeep.. Maybe his 2014 drift car?


And sure enough just as the practice sessions were about to start the skies opened up..


Parts of the infield almost instantly because a lake.


With the wet there was no tire smoke but it did make for some cool water rooster tails.


Backwards entry?…not really..


Pat was looking the best out in the wet.. It was impressive on just how much speed he was able to get in the slick conditions.


After not too long all the drivers got there stride driving on the wet.



Media set up for rain!


Track staff set up there own make sift shelter.


With all the water it seemed that Francis Tasse’s beast was not running was stuttering and popping.


With the rain the drivers intro’s were skipped and we went right into the Top 16.. Alex Michaud got the win in his first battle.


Pat Cyr faced off against Alex Gosselin. On Pats lead run he straighted..He had no choice but to go all out on his chase and that he did..Sadly it was not enough to overcome his mistake. Alex moved on.


Jesse Gaudy had a bye run since Dave Briggs forfeited in order to not damage his engine in the heavy rain since he is set to leave for FD Texas the very next week.


Good battle between Vincent Theberge and Jeff Laflamme.The tandem went OMT and in the end Jeff got the win.


Kevin Morin VS Tom Tom… Kevin Morin wins!


In top 16 both the 1st and 2nd place drivers in the championship faced off. Max Lemoine took the win.


Marc Landreville faced off against Phil Bruyere..  It looked like Marc was going to take it but if you look closely at the left hand wheel you’l see how come Marc’s weekend ended.


Bob Patinka VS Mike Pollard : Bob put down two solid runs and took the win!.


Alex Michaud VS Alex Gosselin: Michaud takes the win.


Jeff Laflamme VS Jessy Gaudy: Jeff takes the win!.


Awesome Battle between Max Lemoine and Kevin Morin..Max Takes the win.


Phil and Bob faced each other at RD6 but this time Bob was awarded the win moving on to the final 4.


Jeff VS Alex.. Battle was intense and had to go OMT..


Bob now had to face Max.. Bobs chase run was crazy and it looked like he was going to take it but on the very last corner he over rotated and spun.. Even Max though Bob had it..


After an other OMT contact was made between the two car..When they went back out Jeff’s car broke a suspension component giving the win to Alex but also giving the 3rd place podium spot to Bob Patinka..his first of the season.


Max Lemoine now faced Alex Michaud..The battle was decent and for the 2nd time this season Max takes home the win!.


Max is still in 2nd place in the championship but closing the gap on Francis Tasse. He aslo is leading the rookie of the year race.

DSC_8636 copy


DSC_8660 copy

Final standings : Max Lemoine, Alex Michaud, Bob Patinka, Jeff Laflamme.

DSC_8582 copy

RD7 also concluded the Pro Am championship for 2013.. Martin Langlois took home the championship..Look for him in the Pro ranks next year. Youri Levesque finished the season off in 2nd and Gonzalo Diaz in 3rd. DSC_8147

The 8th and final round of the season takes place at the Sanair race track next weekend! With it being a top 32 event there will be plenty of action to see.

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