JZX110 Mark II Build – Part 4 – DONE!

Man I’ve taken my sweet old time with this one! But I’m really happy with how it’s turned out!

565bhp, 560ft/lb’s torque, and all the work on the arches has paid off! The tyres are 285/30/18 and fit perfectly!

Aside from Driftworks, thanks also has to go to: Dynotorque for the work on the amazing exhaust, Protuner for fitting a load of the tuning parts and mapping the car, and to Sky Insurance who take insuring mental cars in their stride!






6 thoughts on “JZX110 Mark II Build – Part 4 – DONE!

  1. Looks sweet!! What drift events are you gonna attend? Drift Matsuri? Driftland grand opening? I hope so!
    Sky wouldn’t insure my 2.8 though, haha

  2. Wow – Great job Phil. Really turned this one around from when I first saw this sitting in the pits at Ebisu :p Like.. REALLY turned it around haha! 😀

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