Outsiders Japan Movie FREEEEEEE!

In 2011 Driftworks Phil Morrison and James Robinson took a tour to Japan guided by Mitto Steele, and accompanied by film maker Al Clark. The Driftworks film Outsiders was born. It’s a beautifully shot 90 minute drifting documentary that has been available in the driftworks shop for nearly two years on DVD and Blueray, and now (as we are such nice people) we’ve decided to upload it for free. :). We still have a few Tshirts and Hoodies left as well.


7 thoughts on “Outsiders Japan Movie FREEEEEEE!

  1. Just watched this on YouTube. Sick! If I didn’t live int he states, I would patronize your store exclusively just on principle. Thanks!

  2. I really love this movie, but i’m not that good in english, it’s not my 1st language. i always prefer reading than listening. could anyone made an english subtitle for this movie, pleeeease?

  3. Thank you very much guys. I really enjoyed watching the movie. Great combination od showing japanese culture the heritage of drifting and all of this with a mindblowing soundtrack – brilliant!

  4. Great film. But whoever selected the soundtrack… Should be dragged out into the street…. And crowned king of the world. Such an epic mix of songs 11/10

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