Daniel’s NB MX5 on WORK CR Ultimate Kiwamis

We’re often guilty of giving MX5s a hard time but, deep down, we all really love them. From track cars to drift cars and weekend toys the NA and NB platforms are enjoyed by many, including former Driftworks blog contributor Daniel Bridle, whose awesome NB is pictured below.

Dan's NB WORK Wheels-2 BLOG

Daniel has recently fitted a set of WORK CR Ultimate Kiwamis to his car, measuring 15×8 all round with an offset of ET5.

Dan's NB WORK Wheels-5 BLOG

With just a dab of camber all round and some minor arch rolling at the front and rear, the wheels are a very aggressive fit.

Dan's NB WORK Wheels-1 BLOG

15″ WORK CR Ultimate Kiwamis are available in White, Ashed Titan Bronze, Matte Black, GTSilver (pictured), WORK Metallic Bright, Mandarin Alert Orange, Cherry Blossom Pink, Kiwi Power Green, Energy Mint Blue and Candy Red.

Dan's NB WORK Wheels-7 BLOG

Available offsets are ET20 and ET5 (pictured). The spoke concavity remains the same regardless of the offset!

Dan's NB WORK Wheels-10 BLOG

We have a wide array of 15″ WORK CR Ultimate Kiwamis in stock here in the UK – you can see what we have available over in the Driftworks shop.

Photos courtesy of Paterson Photo.

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  1. That miata looks INSANE!!! Keep it up! First thing I see, and I’m already excited for more. 😀

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