Paz’s AE86 on WORK Meister S1-2P

Longtime friend of Driftworks and UK drifting OG Chris “Paz” Parry has just fitted his new set of 2-Piece WORK Meister S1s to his awesome AE86 Corolla, and the end result is nothing short of fantastic.


Supplied by Driftworks, the Meisters measure 15×8.5 ET-8 and feature Matte Bronze centres with Gloss Bronze lips.


Paz gave his Corolla a shakedown at Rockingham over the weekend, dusting off the cobwebs after a winter of maintenance and repairs.


Daniel Bridle of Outsiders and Driftworks Blog fame was also joining in the fun, drifting his brilliant NB Mx-5 (stay tuned for photos!) alongside Paz. After spending the best part of a decade watching Paz drive, it was great to see the two of them out on track together.


Like the look of Paz’s new wheels? You can order your own set of 2-Piece WORK Meisters from the Driftworks shop.


Thanks to DZE Photography for the photos.

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