Rich Grindrod talks 2017, Driftworks E36 Drift Car, Gaming & More.

Starkey ventures to Richard Grindrods workshop and chats to him about his 2017 Drift season in the final of our Team Driftworks season reviews. We also discuss his plans for next year and what he has been getting up to in the offseason including VR drifting on Assetto Corsa.

Specs of Richards BMW E36 Drift Car

6.3 LSX V8 engine fully forged internals built by Exon Race Engines
Daily Engineering Dry Sump System
V2 Vortech supercharger custom intercooler and pipes
Shell was fully stripped, seam welded and sand blasted in 2016
Fibre Factory front and rear overfenders carbon fibre roof
Driftworks radiator mounted in the rear
Driftworks seat
Hsd MonoPro Coilover Suspension
Front Wisefab

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