Promodet & RWB Porsche 964 Turbo – Incoming!

In less than a week I fly out to Japan to collect my new car! A genuine Porsche 964 Turbo, with that special extra sauce that only Japan can apply!

It’s built by Promodet. THE Porsche tuner in Japan. With body styling by Rauh Welt Begriff (RWB) . Those of you with a keen eye may have noticed the famous Natty Dread in the picture above.

Subtle it is not! But to me it’s so stylish! I do like the newer RWB bolt on arch style that Nakai-san is famous for, but I couldn’t really see myself owning one. This early ‘smooth fender’ Rauh-Welt work is just perfect to me!

Promodet don’t mess about when it comes to tuning! Hiding below the huge Greddy intercooler is an engine believe it or not! It’s a 3.3, not a 3.6 as the badge on the back says (the only part of the styling that will be removed in the first week I get it back to the UK)

Promodet – Komine Engineering are famous for their incredibly crafted titanium exhausts. It’s a work of art! It’s also connected to an HKS T04S turbo, and HKS wastegate. Power? I’ve no idea yet!

Motec in the house!

And Recaro seats. They are the Japanese version (obvs) and I’ve sent over one of my own Euro spec (medium / fat Gaijin) Recaro’s that I use in the DWS15, so I can drive the car without chopping a leg off!

HKS EVC boost controller plonked on the dash!. I’m not sure what the other thing on the dash is. Maybe just ETC.

Brembo brakes behind Work Brombacher Porsche Wheels.

Underneath there’s some Endless Zeal Coilovers with Swift springs.

The plan is to fly into Tokyo, collect the car from Arios in Koriyama, drive back to Tokyo and play the game of where do I park, then we’re driving down to Osaka to meet up with our friends at Work Wheels, and Shane from Stacked Inc, who will be shipping the car back for me. This is all presuming the 26 year old car gets us there! ADVENTURES!

Huge thanks to Andy from PowerVehicles who found and arranged the sale of the car for me after I missed it at auction, and thanks to my buddy Mitto who tagged me in a post about said auction, and set the obsession ball rolling. It’s the perfect combination of my love of JDM, GDM, classic and modified. I absolutely had to own it, the moment I saw it.

Updates soon of course! Keep an eye on our Instagram and FB @driftworks


P.S. I can’t find any information on the car! The only pictures I have are these ones that were taken from an older advert on Promodet’s website, and the photos of it at USS auctions. I would love to see it in a magazine shoot, or Option vid, or anything if anyone knows of anything out there!


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daniel silva
daniel silva
3 years ago

I love this car, I lost one in a car crash

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